May so far …

So far all my May plans have been well and truly chucked out the window. Horses!!

Firstly through no fault of anyone unfortunately our yard was put on lock down with no one allowed in or out therefore all competitions, clinics and lessons were cancelled.

Secondly the horses were turned out 24/7 for the summer at the end of April and Eva has been filling up on grass.

Thirdly I ran out of tumeric, so I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could see the difference or if the tumeric was working.

Can you see what I did there? I changed two things at once.

I own an opinionated chestnut mare. You never change two things at once with an opinionated chestnut mare.

Owners of mares are wincing at the thought of changing two things with out making the change as slow as possible. Those with chestnut mares have fainted.

With a chestnut mare you become able to change an entire feed so slowly that they don’t even realise that it tastes any different.

I once put a salt lick in her stable, Eva’s reaction to it was to stand sorting at it, in great distress that something in her stable had changed. All be it, it was only a block of salt tied up next to the door but to Eva it was a great cause of alarm.

So when Eva’s stomach isn’t feeling great I know about it. She has taken up bucking, while obviously it could very well be to do with something else but right now the it is most likely to do with the feed change.

Note to self go buy the turmeric and don’t run out.

All being well we should be out of our lockdown soon, and hopefully we can still compete in the cash showjumping show at the end of the month hopefully by that time Eva has settled in to the change in routine and I have her feed back to normal. I don’t expect us to win at the show but Im looking forward to giving it a good bash.

One thought on “May so far …

  1. Ah mate, what a roller coaster ride.
    I have never own a mare, but i own a chestnut gelding. Suffice to say if he was a mare i could only imagine! He saw a horse a few months ago in the paddock next door, it’s been there for four years, but he saw it a few months ago i guess. The reaction was incredible.
    mel x

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