||May Plans ’18||


Finally spring is here! What I love the most is the light evenings, I am not arriving at the yard in the dark and putting on extra layers to stay warm, I am arriving at the yard and it feels like I still have lots of time left in the day.

At the end of April all the horses were allowed to be turned out 24/7 for the summer.

The weather has turned in to the perfect weather for the grass to grow. Which of course means I will have to watch Evas weight carefully as she has the very annoying ability to inflate like a helium balloon at this time of year. Of course it is the natural ability of all horses they are primed to put on weight as they come out of winter but I feel like Eva is a bit too good at this.

At the start of this month we have a jumping lesson, during which I plan to discuss which rounds we should go for in the cash showjumping show at the end of the month. I am in two minds of which classes to enter, should I just enter the 90cm because I know we can do it. Or should I just go for it and jump in the meter class as well. While we are capable of it when in the right mind set Im not sure we will be in the right mind set at a show.

There is a Cat 2 showjumping show which I was thinking about entering the 90 class in, however my boyfriend and I are going to visit friends and while part of me did debate if I could quickly jump in the morning and run to the airport afterwards I decided I probably wouldn’t be able to manage it… maybe …the jury is still out…. probably not.

giphy (2)

There is dressage on at the yard this month, however it is the Petplan area festival therefore there are no unaffiliated classes for us to enter. Instead, the dressagey thingy that I am going to this month is a demo being held at a local equestrian centre. My friend and I have bought our tickets and we are both very much look forward to it.

Towards the end of the month we have another lesson, and the cash showjumping show which I mentioned above.

But enough about us, it is May and of course that only means one thing.


giphy (6)

Unfortunately I am not going.


Next year, next year, I am definitely going. (Something that I have said every year since high school)

Anyway, I will be watching the action on BBC iplayer after I get back from a weekend away with friends.

The weather so far this year has already been causing trouble, with quite a few events so far this year being too flooded to run. This means that some competitors might not of gotten their horses out to as many runs as they would of liked before competing at Badminton.

Badminton is known for having a big beefy cross country course for the riders and Horse and Hound have published an interview with Mary King as she walks the course and discusses the fences, giving readers a sneak preview as to what the course this year will look like.

If you are like me and are unable to go to the event itself don’t worry there are still ways you can watch the action live, which you can find out about here

What are your horsey plans for May ? // Are you heading to Badminton or will you be watching from your sofa ?

2 thoughts on “||May Plans ’18||

  1. aw bummer you can’t make it to badminton! i would love to go one year… or to burghley too…. maybe one day! i just went to our big kentucky (formerly rolex lol) event here this past weekend… nothing quite like being right up next to those massive jumps as the horses go flying by!

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    1. The XC is awesome to watch ! But slightly scary at the same time ๐ŸŽ it’s actually quite expensive if you don’t live near by to just go and spectate ๐Ÿ™ˆ plus the shopping money on top as well ๐Ÿ˜‹


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