A Week of Jumping pt 2

At the start of this month Eva and I had a week filled with jumping, it started with two jumping lessons and finished with a jumping night. After all the jumping we did Eva is now getting a well deserved break from it over the next week or so, therefore we will be focused on flat work or hacking.

I originally wrote one very long post on the all three but instead Im going to split into three posts – focusing on each lesson and the jumping night. This post is on the second jumping lesson, you can find the first post here and the jumping night post will follow.

Our second lesson was a few days after the last one and I hadn’t had a chance to ride since our last lesson therefore Eva was a little on the hyper side. In the outdoor school there was already a grid set up so I spoke to my instructor and we decided to make use of it.

Grid work is useful as it encourages the horses to be more agile and accurate over the fences, as the horses need to snap up their front legs to keep clear of the poles. Although very useful it is also very intensive so the horses so it is important that you allow your horse enough of a break in-between reps.


We started with canter poles which was then slowly built up. First we added in two jumps as a bounce with one stride to an upright which then became three jumps bounce then one stride to an upright. The bounces were high cross poles so Eva really had to snap up her front legs to get over. After going over a few times the upright then became a spread.

The final jump was then added on which was at a right angle to the rest of the jumps. Therefore after going through the grid I then had to keep us together to make it round to the next jump. This also relates to the last lesson, in which there was emphasis put on me not dropping Eva after we have finished a jump.


After a few reps of the exercise, the whole set was then reversed and the grid was changed into a 1 stride double.

Coming in to the first upright was a reasonably tight corner so I had to keep the energy as we came round. I did this once and backed off which ended up with us knocking it so I didn’t do the double and came again straight away to the upright. We did it and it felt awesome. The end height was about 1.05/1.10m!

The lady has some springs! By no way are we ready for doing a full course at that height but it was so good to get a feel of us jumping that height and not feel like there was any struggle at all.

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