A Week of Jumping pt 1

At the start of this month Eva and I had a week filled with jumping, it started with two jumping lessons and finished with a jumping night. After all the jumping we did Eva is now getting a well deserved break from it over the next week or so, therefore we will be focused on flat work or hacking.

I originally wrote one very long post on the all three but instead Im going to split into three posts – focusing on each lesson and the jumping night. This post is on the first jumping lesson and the others will be following over the next few days.

I signed myself up for a lesson from a instructor who holds clinics at the yard every two weeks.

We arrived down at the school and immediately Eva’s eyes were fixed on something terrifying side of the school. CHILDREN.

giphy (1).gif

They were running around playing, the horse in the lesson seemed completely unfazed with them, just another day. Eva, on the other hand, had her eyes popping out of her head. Eva doesn’t like small things that make lots of noise. Neither do I to be honest, and this is probably one of the reasons we get on!

giphy (2).gif

The woman, whos lesson it was, was very kind and collected the children together and told them firmly that “This horse does not like children, so you must be quiet and not run“. I thanked her on her way past as Eva stood hyperventilating behind me.

I got on and it felt like I was on a thoroughbred we did a bit of totting side ways and snorting with the instructor commenting “Does she not like the kindergarden I just had in here?” My reply was cut short by trying to control Eva.

We first started with trotting over canter poles then picking up canter as we left the poles. This then turned into a pole in front of a jump followed by about four canter poles on the other side. This was so that she has to keep the canter after the jump and we can’t just land and then switch off.

The final full course

After doing this a few times we were then added on a double which crossed the diagonal. The first time through this we first fell in to the right after no.1 then after crossing the diagonal we then fell in to the left. The instructor then put poles out so to help guide us straight rather than cutting corners.


After that two more jumps were added,  which were 5 strides apart and following the wall. After completing that in full a few times we then added the final two jumps which changed reins again.

We were distracted to say the least in this lesson, when she locked on to a jump she jumped well but in-between the jumps I struggled to keep her focused and on the lines I wanted. So much so at one point she refused a jump because we spooked at a wall. This was in between 3 and 4 – 4 being a big spread.

The focus of the lesson was on the overall course and keeping a consistent active canter in between the jumps. We are much better than before but sometimes after we have jumped a jump I fail to ride away from the jump. Instead of thinking about the next jump on the course and keeping the energy I pretty much drop the ball.

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