A day at the races

Racing is a big equestrian industry, and while I have been around horses ever since I can remember I have never been to the races before. I’ve seen races on TV and read various articles on races so I was quite excited to actually go along and see it for myself.

There was certainly plenty of variety in what people wore! From men in suits and ladies in dresses to that guy who is on his stag do dressed as a jockey holding his beer in one hand and hobby horse in the other. There is always one.

There was about six races in total that day with the big race in the middle of the day. As it was our first time at the races we wanted to see as much as we could, at one point we went down to the parade ring to have a look at the horses that we had put bets on and we went down to right beside the track to watch one of the races to get a close view.

2018-04-05 021292752821..jpg
For one race we went right down to beside the track for a good view

The course does both flat and jump racing, but mostly flat during the summer months. We bought a programme as we entered so that we could have a look and act like we knew what we were talking about as we went to place our bets.  I learnt a fair amount about betting that day. Although at one point I almost accidentally put double the amount than I had planned on one horse because I said the wrong thing to the guy at the stand. Obviously I looked lost enough for him to help, and he corrected it for me.

2018-04-05 0114547411..jpg

In a slightly annoying turn of events the horse actually won! If only I had put double the amount on I would of had double my winnings! Yes, I can see why people get addicted to this!

2018-04-05 011065860023..jpg
The wining horse.

I was delighted and skipped over to the stand to pick up my winnings!

All horses were shouted home safe and it was a great atmosphere to be in.  Having a day out at the races is a very fun day and I would highly recommend it. Even if you are not particularly horsey you can still have a lot of fun. As for betting wise just know what you can afford to spend and don’t get too carried away. It is something I am definitely keen to go and see again.

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