|| April ’18||And breathe…

March ended up being very busy but ended – after a lot of blood sweat and tears work – with me successfully passing a professional exam!! So I am very please with that but a lot of things did get pushed to the side. One of those was Eva meaning she hasnt been ridden in over a week and what with the weather turning cold this week she is looking rather fresh. Any takers to get on her first?

Because March ended up being so hectic the one thing that I was going to do in April but completely forgot enter was the dressage competition. It is unfortunate but in all honesty it will be my first weekend free in a long time and I wouldn’t mind a weekend off!

On the other hand, what we do have planned is a month of jumping lessons and a showing show!

I had a jumping lesson towards the end of March and thoroughly enjoyed it so I am booking us in for some more. The lessons are reasonably short half an hour ones but by no means am I complaining, we are cantering and jumping for the majority of the time. So as soon as the half an hour is up Eva and I have both been put through our paces.

There is also a charity showing show on at the yard which I am going to enter us in. Our last showing show we did was back in 2016 were Eva was very unimpressed at having to stand still while horses ran up and down in front of her. By end of the day she marched herself on to the lorry in a huff – this being the horse that doesn’t load. So safe to say Im sure she will be delighted when she realises we are doing it again. I will have to get out my tweed jacket which I have had since I was 15! I have quickly made sure that it does fit! Which, quite frankly, I’m surprised at!

Other than that with the lighter evenings Eva and I can finally get hacking again which I am looking forward to. I took her out once during March and while we did have minor heart failure at the hares and deer, believe me there was a lot of them, we did make it round without a tantrum. So now we are going to start extending our route further and further and adding more trot and canter work in to get us fit.

What about you guys do you have many things planned for April?

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