March Dressage ’18


Originally for this month’s dressage competition I had decided to sew the plaits in but did I remember to buy the stuff I need beforehand? No. At least I did remember to plait up the night before so it would be easier to just roll them up in the morning.

We arrived bright and early on Saturday morning. The weather wasn’t looking to great and while getting ready I was hoping it was still on. It was and I’m sure everyone appreciated having the indoor to warm up in.

First up was the prelim 15 and our warm up alone was interesting. The weather was a delightful mixture of hail stones and gale force winds. A heavy shower of hail stones started while we were in the warm up, causing Eva to have a slight break down. Therefore we were cantering and spinning round the arena. Did any of the other horses seem upset at the hail stones? Nope. It was just us performing a frantic swan lake in the middle of the warm up.

Barely 5 minutes after our performance it was time to go in. We were tense to say the least. It felt pretty awful. However we did manage to somehow score 61% which I was happy with considering how I felt. The judges comments were, of course, along the lines of “Feeling a little tense today” which I agreed with.

There was a 2 hour gap before my next test so I was able to muck out, grab a coffee and watch some of the affiliated classes of my second test.

I was a little early in getting on and ended up with having just over half an hour in the warm up, which did not work to our advantage. We switched off and couldnt get engaged again. This made the second test difficult. I was nagging and she was not listening and the score reflected that.

Overall the day could of been better but the weather caused for a lot in the way of distraction. And I think most people riding that day felt the same. Nothing quite like doing a test on such a windy day that you can barely hear the bell go off telling you to start your test.

But I’m glad I did it because less than a year ago in conditions far better than that we scored less than what we got this time. Showing that there is definitely improvement it just wasn’t our day.

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