Acting her Age

The past week or two it feels like Eva has actually begun to grow up a bit, I say this because two things happened out of the usual mare behaviours that she normally has.

Firstly, we started clipping Eva just before the “beast” hit and Eva ended up being snowed in for a few days. We only had a twitch and ended up stopping before the clip was fully finished due to Eva being quite fed up with it all and it would be safer. As the farrier was due out we were going to finish the clip while she was feeling sleepy.

A week later the farrier was due out so I had her sleepy but as the stuff I gave her didn’t kick in properly, it turned out she wasn’t that sleepy. A little dopey but not snoring. As the clippers went on and into contact with her she would wake up and panic. I asked to have a go with the clippers to see if she would let me. I was quite surprised to find that she did! I was able to tidy up all the parts that were missed due to her tantrum before and she switched off letting me clip away.

After this it was time for the farrier, by this time she was pretty much time for her to start waking up away. The farrier agreed to give it ago anyway and she was actually really good! I was waiting for her to start kicking off but that never came!

Finally the day after the farrier and the clip we jumped our first 90 at a clear round! We had one pole down but that was my fault, slowed her down too much. I was so happy with how she jumped! Part of me did think about entering into the meter round as well but I thought I would leave it on a good note and we would have plenty of time to jump in a meter another day.



It takes a while sometimes but it feels like things are falling into place with Eva and I am very much looking forward to the year ahead.

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