|| March Plans ’18 || Jumping Fun

Our highest course to date and what we have planned for March… if this snow clears!

Last weekend I had a friend come to see Eva (and I). She arrived on a mission. To get our “bloody ass in gear” and “to stop being a sh*tbag when it comes to jumping“. As in line with a typical scottish style of using language that may sound harsh to others but it is only used when we really care. In few words she pointed out I have been jumping 80cm for the past two years and essentially gotten a bit stuck there. So it is high time I get a kick up the ass to start getting a little bit more daring serious with my jumping. I don’t disagree with her as Eva is perfectly capable of it and only practice will make us better. But for two years I have been saying to myself if we have that one perfect round we can go bigger. But I have also been completely ignoring the fact that we won our first ever 85cm class on our second time out in 2016! So it is fair to say that I needed an ass kicking but no one knows me well enough at the new yard to do it. Therefore when my friend appointed herself as Ass kicker in-chief and informed me that I will be jumping at the weekend I knew in my heart of hearts that it was needing done!

The result being the below…..

I now have one problem.

I don’t have an excuse.

I am still in disbelief of how good she looks! She cleared every single one! All the jumps were about 1m to 1.10m! We have jumped 1.20ish before however that was a single jump and in my mind a completely different thing but we have never jumped a full course with jumps of those heights before.

There is a lot we need to work on. However…

  1. The round was much smoother than our some of our lower rounds. She changed legs over most jumps which resulted in us not faffing around too much getting us on the correct leg.
  2. I actually had to ride for the jumps. This made all the difference for Eva I actually had to ride in a “come on lets do this” sort of way rather than over thinking and trying to get the flat work in between the jumps perfect.
  3. Eva paid attention because she realised she couldnt just fling herself over when we got to the jump so she listened to me. We do need to work on changing up the strides and keeping the energy but the will come in training.

In our next jumping competition I will be entering us in our first 90cm class. My friend wanted us to do 90cm and 1m but I decided to have at least one show to just do the 90 first, we have been at 80 for a very long time and while I accept that I am officially “not allowed to do another bloody 80” I do want to at least give myself one competition to give myself a little bit of confidence.

On to our March plans..


As for March we have our showjumping round this weekend, which I will be entering the 90 class in!!

It turns out the “Beast from the East”, a.k.a snow, has different ideas and even getting up to the yard without a 4×4 is near impossible. Therefore lets start off with a list of things that haven’t happened or aren’t going to happen this week because of this beast;

  • Jumping competition
  • Farrier

He says hes going try to come out on Saturday but Im not holding out for it.

  • Osteopath

Our first visit from an osteopath but now we will have to rearrange.

  • Finish off Evas’ clip

Long story short, one angry Eva with an interesting clip.

  • Getting to the yard at all

I was very lucky on Wednesday as I left the yard the snow started coming on again and I was later told that five cars had gotten stuck on that road.

While this weather no where near the amount of snow that some countrys get, and deal with without a second thought, it is quite unusual for us to have this amount and we haven’t had a red alert (risk to life) weather warning before. As a result I was completely unable to get up to the yard, Eva was looked after for me on Thursday* and my boyfriend couldn’t get into work. We decided to walk up to the highstreet to see if any shops were open to grab some food. This was then followed by a snow ball fight on the way home, which I totally won.

* I don’t know if I will even get up today! (Friday)

Now on to what we are hopefully going to be able to do this month!

First up will be the dressage in the middle of the month, two prelim tests that we haven’t done before. I am also thinking about sewing in the plaits to make them a bit more secure. Im not the best at plaiting but it is something I would love to perfect. This maybe so I can get that perfect Instagram style picture of the mane all done up but still how amazing would they look?! I will have to go and find a tutorial or two on how to sew them in as I have completely forgotten how to do it.

Next up will be a jumping lesson that I have signed us up for at the end of this month! I am already looking forward to it and it has been a while since I have had a lesson from this person.

Other than that I will just be rearranging the farrier, osteopath and clip for some point during the next few weeks.

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