February Dressage ’18

Convincing her that it is time to get up for the dressage
Nerves begin kicking in
Pep talk before we go …. which Eva is clearly listening intently to
and we are off!

Our dressage on Sunday went really well I am so pleased with Eva! This is our third dressage together and I signed us up for two Prelim tests (14 and 17A).

I was up early in the morning to put Eva out in the field and muck out then I went back home for a few hours before heading up to get ready for the competition.

I felt quite bad as Eva was having a quiet snooze in the field when I went to catch her. After convincing her to get up we headed straight up to the wash bay and washed off her legs. I feel quite lucky that Eva only a little bit of white on her legs as I am not very good at keeping them clean. I would be so bad if I owned a grey that poor horse would never look clean!

Anyway, up first was our Prelim 14 test, this test is in a 20m by 40m arena. As my test wasn’t on until half past two so I had plenty of time to get ready. The affiliated classes for the test were on first so that gave me a chance to watch a couple of tests before warming up.

Just as we were watching the first test Eva gave a full body shake and three of the plaits unrolled. Quick action with my boyfriend holding Eva while I quickly tried to shove them back into a semi neat fashion just in time for the rider before us finishing. Something to work on for next time – make sure the plaits are secure!

2018-02-18 07.53.26 2.jpg

2018-02-18 07.53.25 2.jpg

2018-02-18 07.53.24 3.jpg

2018-02-18 07.53.24 4.jpg

2018-02-18 07.53.23 2.jpg

For this test we got quite a few sixes (satisfactory) and sevens (fairly good) which Im pleased with. We need to focus on transitions for the next one and keeping the balance through them. Our score was 64.81% which is our highest to date!

The next test wasn’t until half past four therefore we were able to sit and watch some of the affiliated tests for the next class. This was the Prelim 17A taking place in a 20m by 60m arena.

2018-02-18 07.53.22 3.jpg

2018-02-18 07.53.21 3.jpg

2018-02-18 07.53.19 2.jpg

2018-02-18 07.53.22 4.jpg

The test felt tough! We had a bit of a look at some invisible scary thing in the corner but we quickly got past it and on with the test.

Some of the marks weren’t as good as we would of liked but in saying that we also did pull it together enough to gain a 8 (good) for our free walk on a long rein! Looking back at the video for that part Eva looks very relaxed and however I felt like I had to work hard for every step of it but at least it pulled through! Our total mark for this test was 63.97%, which I am happy with.

In our first test we came 7th out of 17 and in the second test we came 2nd out of 5! So I am very happy with those! The comments were all in line with what I know we need to work on so there was no surprises and I am happy that compared to our first ever dressage – which was 10 months ago – we have gained 10% in our marks for the 20m by 40m test!

Here are the two tests.

3 thoughts on “February Dressage ’18

  1. Loving this! Congratulations to you on some wonderful scores.
    Ha the scary thing in the corner, my Moo always sees something at F!!!! It must be a thing ๐Ÿ™‚
    You rode wonderfully. Mel x

    Liked by 1 person

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