Sparingly Using Spurs

Responding to the leg is not a priority for Eva. While I do use a stick she wont respond to a tap tap she will only respond when I put in a harder “move it” request. Therefore I decided to try spurs, the idea being I could stop bruising her sides by nagging and when I do use my legs its a request she cant ignore.

I was quite nervous putting them on for the first time. As Eva being the diva she is, she is capable of throwing a fair tantrum. After finding the smallest ball pair I could I decided to wear them for the first time in a lesson.

Oh man, Eva got mad.

Any time I felt the need to use them there would be a fit of anger followed by grumpily doing what I had asked.

giphy (12).gif
This is a pretty accurate depiction of her reaction

My instructor and I couldn’t help but laugh at how offended she became!

I would use one spur and immediately a leg would come flying up to meet my foot and attempt to focusably remove it.

At least I know every time you use them!

While she did respond there is no way I would use them during a competition. Firstly it would be dangerous in a warm up with Eva flinging legs out here and there and secondly there is no way would we gain a consistent rhythm with her having a fit of anger when I used them. Although in saying that I am using them in the run up to the dressage, to get her moving forward.

I aim to use them sparingly as when I first I wore them for a week and decided to take them off due to the interrupted schooling. After taking them off she continued being as responsive but without the bucking however this slowly diminished and now I have put them back on for the next few days before the dressage as a reminder to not ignore my legs.

As I get such a reaction when I use my leg it has very quickly made me a ware of my lower leg and keeping it steady. Eva is very quick to have to remind me when I am bugging her.

giphy (13).gif

On another note Eva has pulled a front shoe yesterday, I have luckily managed to get my farrier out today however Eva being….. well herself as I am not there, there is no guarantee the shoe will be managed to be put back on. Figures crossed! Otherwise I won’t be doing the dressage on Sunday which will be unfortunate.

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