BEVA – Don’t Break Your Vet!

At the start of February the BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) launched “Don’t Break Your Vet” week. This was primarily in relation to a study which highlighted the occupational risks that vets have working with horses and showed that a “significant proportion of equine vets will, at some point in their career, end up unconscious or hospitalised following an injury directly related to their work,” . In order to help combat these stats they released 7 videos from which horse owners can learn training techniques, from equine behaviourist Gemma Pearson, that will help to prepare their horse for vet visits. The idea being if the owner practices these methods that this will lead to a stress free visit from the vet.

The topics covered are;

• Easy injections
• Learning to stand still
• Calm clipping
• Leading and trotting up
• Happy Heads
• Clicker Training
• Worry-Free Worming

All of which can be found on the BEVA’s youtube channel.

I highly recommend that you give them a watch! Even if you don’t have problems in those areas they are interesting to watch in order to see the thinking behind the techniques used.

Having watched these videos I feel that practicing some techniques outlined in them will help Eva and I in the next vet visit. Eva is not fond of anyone that she doesn’t know touching her, she is very untrusting in this way. Having owned her for almost 4 years I forget sometimes that I “get away with” a lot with her and that she can become very uncomfortable about others being in her bubble.
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