||February Plans ’18 || Lighter Evenings


It’s a good feeling when you arrive to the yard and notice it is no longer pitch black every time you get there! Its a sure sign that spring is slowly on its way. Although, in saying that, Eva did get kept in for the day because of the snow and ice at the beginning of this week. Before moving she was out in the field come rain, wind (and we have a lot of that!) snow or shine! Now if the weather is not up to scratch she gets a cosy stable for the day followed by a session on the walker while I muck out. Her diva nature has adjusted to the change very well! What it hasn’t quite adjusted to yet is the step up in work!

This month I have entered us into both of the prelim classes in the dressage competition next weekend. We did one of these tests in our very first dressage so it will be good for me to get that test sheet out and have a look at the comments.

Jumping wise there is a schooling night on right at the end of the month which I think we might go to and enter and – dare I say – do a 90 class and attempt to get over this block of mine.

After missing a Mark Todd masterclass at a local venue – which would of been fantastic to go see – I have decided to try to be a bit more pro-active about searching for local or near by events/master classes to go to. Therefore I have been trawling the internet for opportunities that I can maybe convince a horsey friend to chum me along to – failing that Im sure I could bribe my non horsey partner into keeping me company.

So far I have signed my friend and myself up to a Pippa Funnel Master class next weekend and spotted a free fence judge training evening at the end of March to go to because …why not! A lot of BE events run on the fantastic help from all its volunteers so while I don’t have the means to be getting out and about as much as I would like why shouldn’t I be helping out at a sport I love. And on the plus side at least when I manage to get us out I will have the theory down…..Right?!


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