Event Rider Masters // What is it ?

The Event Rider Masters (ERM) is a series of 3* events which began in 2016. It’s relatively new and pretty exciting for the sport of eventing therefore I thought I would put together a quick simple guide about the series.


Last week the ERM announced the location of each leg of the series. It is a very exciting series with the aim to promote engagement of audiences using top of the line technology at the events.

The series to be packaged specifically for television, with sophisticated commentary, innovative camera techniques and informed by statistical analysis of the kind used by other televised sports—intended to welcome and entertain new audiences as well as those already engaged with the sport.


Lets break it down;

There are 6 legs.  (In previous years there was 7)

When the event started these were all in the UK but the event has now expanded across Europe into Germany, Belgium and France.

40 Athletes at 3* level

36 of which are those with the highest FEI points at the time of entry. There are also 4 wildcards 2 of which are reserved for anyone who has won a olympic gold medal in the past 10 years. If not used for medal winners then developing riders may be selected. The other 2 cards are at the discretion of the OC and ERM

One horse per athlete.

This is per competition leg. They can each ride a different horse in each leg but riders cannot have multiple horses competing each leg of the ERM.

Competition takes pace over two days.

– Day 1: Dressage

– Day 2: Show jumping in the morning and cross country in the afternoon

The dressage is seeded and set to the riders’ own music choice.

The show jumping runs in reverse order with the cross country running immediately after finishing.

This shortened format allows the event to become more TV friendly. Great focus is put on engaging the spectators and the TV coverage of the series, with rider interviews and high spec technology to cover the event.

The series uses a points system for each leg.

The person who wins an event will gain 30 points and points decrease down the rankings. This allows for the leader board to change at any point. In the case of a tie break this is were it gets a little complicated as the number of events the riders have competed in comes into play.

• There is a total of £50,000 prize money per leg in the series

The winner of each leg gains £16,000, and in addition to the prize money for each leg the overall winner of the series gains a further £50,000. Therefore making the total prize purse one of the biggest in eventing!

Podium style finish.

The top 5 competitors going into the cross country phase will be expected to take place on the podium after the completion of their round. If another competitor exceeds their score they will take the place on the podium.

The 2018 ERM calendar :

Leg 1 – The Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials, Derbyshire – Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May

Leg 2 – Internationales Wiesbadener Pfingstturnier, Germany – Friday 18th & Saturday 19th May

Leg 3 – Concours Complet d’Arville, Belguim – Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June

Leg 4 – The St. James’s Place Barbury Castle International Horse Trials, Wiltshire – Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July

Leg 5 – Haras de Jardy Eventing Show, near Paris, France – Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July

Leg 6/2018 Series Finale – The Blair Castle International Horse Trials, Perthshire – Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August

The finale being held at our home event of Blair Castle this year is very exciting! This year we are planning to go for the full four days which I am already looking forward to, and I will report back all the action from live at Blair Castle!

Source: http://eventridermasters.tv/

3 thoughts on “Event Rider Masters // What is it ?

  1. How exciting that the finale will be in your home town!!
    Enjoy it mate, can’t wait to hear all about it
    mel x

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