|| January Plans ||


Well I hope we are all feeling fresh and ready for the new year! Thats how we are supposed to be feeling right? Personally I’m more on the side of bloated and tired but feeling incredibly grateful all the same.

At the end of December I gave Eva a total of 2 weeks off and have now started bringing her back into work so that we can start preparing for what we have planned.

Lets take a look at what we have planned;

  • Dressage Competition

We have a dressage competition in the third week of this month, the tests are the same as last time so hopefully we can improve upon our score from October. Also any BD people out there remember that due to the British Dressage rule change as of the start of 2018, it is required that rider numbers are displayed on both sides! As the unaffiliated competition that I am entering is run under BD rules these will apply to me. (Plus I will need to check my bit! *cough* Wont be doing that again!)


  • Arena Event

Something exciting I am looking forward to is the arena event at the end of the month. I have never competed in one before but I am very much looking forward to it. If you haven’t heard of arena eventing it is basically a set of show jumps followed by a set of xc jumps all in the one arena. I have seen videos of these events and it was over two schools with the xc jumps in one and the show jumps in another, however that did look like the event was at an absolutely massive facility so the majority of these events would be all in the one arena. This will be a good way to see what Evas’ reactions to x-country jumps will be, I highly doubt they will be a problem as we have jumped working hunter jumps before with various styles (square bails, barrels e.c.t) and she didn’t bat an eye.


Please excuse my jumping position in all of these. It is much better now and also Eva was being very excitable that day! 

  • Lessons

I have two lessons planned with my usual instructor one a week before the dressage tests so I’ll be asking for his help with those. I also would love to have another jumping lesson however my monthly budget is pretty much screaming no at me this month so that will have to wait until later.

  • Farrier

We have the farrier due on the day before our dressage test, I mucked up on getting the dope ordered in time/ the vets took a whole 2 weeks to email the prescription to me (which I wasn’t happy about at all), so it has been longer than usual since her feet have been seen to but they aren’t looking terrible from it.


What about you guys ? Have you got any plans for January ? 

8 thoughts on “|| January Plans ||

  1. Ohh I can’t wait to hear how the arena event goes. Those sound so exciting.
    I’m currently waiting on a carrier to come and show Nonie so that we can get stuck into things. We hopefully will be able to attend a clinic next week with our regular coach and then we’ll film some tests for Equimind

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