Driving home for Christmas…❄☃️

In the run up to Christmas it has gotten a little busy around here.

I have finally sent out my Christmas cards at the start of this week and I am going to buy all the presents on Friday and do a bunch of household chores before I drive to my parents house for Christmas.

Eva is quite upset at the moment because two new horses have arrived in our block, one in the stable directly opposite and the other in the one next to that, meaning she is no longer closest to the barn door. Im not sure how long they are staying, as I believe they will be moving in to a new part once built, but as with all change Eva is – of course- highly offended.

Both of the new horses are very friendly and I was lapping up the attention from the horse in the stable opposite last night. When I recieved a sharp poke from Evas nose in my back. I turned around to her glaring at me. She then ushered me towards her by putting her nose over my shoulder and pulling me close. Like a child who is “not allowed to play with those children”. And then pulled some mean faces at the horse that I was patting before requesting a good scratch from me as if to show off the attention she was getting to the horse.

She has suddenly become quite insistent of having attention she will of course settle down soon enough and go back to rolling her eyes when I enter her stable but for now Im going to enjoy all the cuddles I am getting from her!

We also had our last lesson on Monday night in which we focused on getting forward, I was becoming a little tight and fixed through my elbows and hands and therefore Eva was reacting but shortening her neck, so we worked on extending the neck and getting a nice relaxed forward trot. We also worked on transitions between the canter and trot were we would trot the long side, canter as we approach the corner, back to trot on the short side and canter the second corner before trotting the long side again. Therefore the transitions were quite quick and needed to be precise. This really woke Eva up and I was getting sharp transitions. To finish we did some shoulder fore, which we either have no angle or go completely the other way and Eva falls in.

So we have plenty to work on, but for now up until new year I am giving Eva a break. I will lunge her to keep her moving but I am very busy with other things in my life at the moment – one being that I am suppose to be studying for an exam- so Im going to take these two weeks to focus on myself a little. Then come the new year we will get practising for the competitions that I plan on entering.

Now time to get goal setting for 2018!

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