Diary of a Moody Mare vol #4

Dear diary,

Did the humans think my confinement during the night was not enough torment for me!?

Did they really think it was acceptable to allow new horses to move into the stables opposite me!

Especially as one of them is a stallion!! Of course as I was lead past them I made it clear that I was highly displeased at their presence!

My only reslove is to await what my human was to do about this. Clearly she was going to fix this situation of course.

But did she request them to be moved!?

Did she even act angry at their placement!?


She went and introduced herself to them! How dare she! The traitor!!

I was furious at everything going on! Especially the traitor!

I shall make it continue to make clear my feelings towards them as long as they insist on residing in my quarters.

This is absolutely PREPOSTEROUS!

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