December Show Jumping

Due to temperatures dropping to minus -5 overnight and despite all the efforts to keep the outdoor arena rideable we have been left with no alternative but to cancel today’s show. We’d like to apologies for this but for health and safety reasons and welfare of horses and riders we have no choice

Oh well it cant be helped and while it does make me a little sad to not be jumping today it is a sensible decision for all involvedย ๐Ÿ˜”

This does mean we will definitely try enter the show on Wednesday night and hopefully that will still be on, however that is not looking good as the temperature is set to drop to -7ยฐC that night! We will have to keep our figures crossed.

This was going to be our first British showjumping club show. Club shows are different from other BSJ shows in that you can enter as an unaffiliated rider without having to buy a “ticket to ride”. They are a way of introducing people to affiliated competition, the height will only go up to a meter and the venue might put on extra unaffiliated classes with slightly higher or lower heights – which my yard does do. Club shows are also good for affiliated riders because the points work in a way that you wont have to worry about having too many points before you are ready to upgrade.(Or that is how understand it, I am not from a showjumping background so may have completely the wrong idea)

Shows such as “Senior BSJ” shows I would have to buy a “ticket to ride” as I am an unaffiliated rider, plus my class entry fee. Tickets to ride are good in that if you are an unaffiliated rider and are unsure of how much affiliated competition you will get your horse to, you can still enter the competitions and not have to commit to the cost of a full membership for both you and your horse.ย  However, if you are going out regularly enough and wanting to gain points ect the additional cost of a ticket would add up and you would probably be better investing in a membership.

I have thought about signing up for a membership to BSJ but I know I wont be able to get out enough to make full use of it until I get my own transport so for me it is worth buying a ticket when I enter affiliated shows.

The next jumping competition is at the very end of January, which will actually be an arena event (which is why I had signed up to this show to get some practice), so we will be looking forward to that! Other than the Wednesday night jumping round, we will probably have a bit of a break from jumping until the new year.

4 thoughts on “December Show Jumping

  1. Sorry the show got cancelled that always sucks but if it is because of horse welfare then it is a good thing.

    Train hard mate over the break, I’ll take the winter from you soon enough and you can have the sunny days back that I currently have here.

    Mel x

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  2. Stay warm in such cold temperatures! I rode BSJA for a while and Unless you’re going out regularly the membership fee is just not worth it. I also found the circuit I was jumping on to be a little clique-y and the people weren’t very friendly which was a bit of a shock after jumping around the french circuit whether it was the regional circuit or national one. I hope you got to the show on Wednesday!

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