|| December ’17 Plans|| Moving Time

Finally the day came!

Everything was boxed up!

We. Were. Ready!


I lost count of how many trips back and forth that it took. But it is done!


We have been wanting to move for a while, not far just a different part of the city, so it was very exciting. Our plan was to originally move at the start of the year but for various reasons it had not worked out.

We have upgraded slightly in that we now have a two bedroom flat so that should we have any guests we now have more than just a sofa for them to stay.

What I thought was going to be a reasonably quiet month for Eva turned out not quite to be that. We entered a jumping night, had two lessons with our flatwork instructor and a lesson with a jumping instructor. She had a few days off while we moved but I have changed up her feed a little in order to give her more energy therefore I need to keep her in reasonably consistent work.

In December we have entered a jumping competition and plan to do one of the jumping nights. There isnt any dressage on until the end of January but we have lots to work on in the mean time so that will keep us busy. Lessons wise we have two lessons with our normal instructor planned, the first of which was on Monday.

In our lesson we did some grid work which was fantastic! It has been a long time since we have done some proper grid work and once we got our ass in gear Eva was jumping very well. By the end we were coming down the four jumps (a bounce, 1 stride then 2 strides) then going across the diagonal and jumping the second jump at an angle before coming down the jumps again and changing rein to jump the second jump again. On our final jump on the angle Eva locked on and didnt waiver from the line she was on and did a lovely jump over. It was such a good note to end on and I really got a feel for what the jumps should really be like. She will get a few days off this week and I probably wont jump again until the competition which I am looking forward to. Unfortunately my boyfriend/camera man cant join me so I probably wont get any pictures. And will have to figure out when to walk the course ect as I will have to put Eva in her stable to do that. Hopefully my time will be at the end of the class so I can warm up during the class.

After that there is a jumping practice night which is on regularly at the yard. It is a “Xmas special” so if you enter you get put in to a raffle for various prizes including free lessons from various coaches, one of them being the guy I get jumping lessons from. So we will enter that since of course you have to be in it to win it!

As we approach Christmas I will decrease Evas work and we wont do any jumping until the new year at least. I might not even ride and just lunge her, I gave her a month off over xmas last year and she came back into work quite happily. But I will have to think on that due to her having some extra feed and I am not wanting a build up of energy so if I give her a good lunge every few days hopefully that will keep her…. quiet.

What are your plans for this month? How much time do you tend to give your horse off during the festive period?

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