Its starting to feel a lot like …..


And it is December, therefore not “too far away” to start getting excited for Christmas.

Every year I say Im going to start buying things really early for xmas so that all the gifts dont go on that final pay cheque before Christmas but here I am again. Will I ever learn ? Probably not.

I thought I would do a little equestrian Christmas list! So if you are looking for things to get yourself in a “Treat yo’ self” moment of weakness or are looking to buy for an equestrian partner have a look at the following list and see if anything takes your fancy.

giphy (8).gif

  • A new helmet is always good to have, may it be a spare, replacing your old one or having one for competition use – The brand that I am eyeing up is Samshield I think the matte blue helmet is particularly smart.
  • Riding Leggings – It seems everywhere I look people have these and I did have a pair but I really want to replace them. There are a range of online brands that do them – Aztec diamond equestrian, Opal equestrian and Apt Cavalier, just to name a few – each brand has a variety of colours and styles.
  • A gilet – Is useful during both the winter and summer months. During summer they provide pockets for when you are just riding in a t-shirt and during the winter for an extra layer.
  • Socks! A thick comfortable good quality pair cost more than you would think.
  • Brow band bling. Something my boyfriend bought for my birthday. I wear it for dressage competitions.

If all else fails vouchers for the local country store would probably also go down well. People say its disconnected but personally at least you know they will get something they really want! Or help them to treat themselves to that pair of boots they have been eyeing up.

Have you been eyeing up anything that you would put on your xmas list ?

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