Schooling Manners

*Insert inspirational quote about using manners here*

Something has gotten all up in ma grill recently I am not going to lie.

Lets go over some basic rules when riding in an arena with others;

  • Always ask before entering the school
  • Do not adjust jumps without asking the person who was in the school first.
  • If people are jumping always pay attention in case they are looking to approach a jump you are about to walk in front of.

And of course when flatwork schooling

  • Pass left to left

Hands up if you are in agreement.

If you are on your own most of the time it is easier for you to adjust the jumps before getting on so that you dont have to spend time getting on and off. Therefore it is very frustrating when you have just warmed up, and starting to jump, for a someone to come in with their parent/partner/friend and start changing the height, whether it be up or down. Asking if its ok is just the polite thing to do. Right?!

If you ask most people would happily discuss and maybe adjust half the course so both could be at least jumping in order rather than random jumps, or say they will be finished in *how ever many mintues* and then the whole course would be free to use.

As for walking in front of the jump, the rider approaching should yell “Jumping!” but after the first few times the person should know to keep a more awary eye out.

Eva is a big horse to do tight turns on but we did get some impromptu practice of jump off turns!

At the end of the day being polite keeps everyone happy.

I do need to learn to put my foot down and pipe up “Oi I was jumping that! Can you please wait until I am finished!” … but I am british so it is much more comfortable for me to keep my slience, deal with the situation and grumple about the utter rudness after!

I mean do we need anymore britishness I have just accepted that their rudeness was pretty much my fault!

One final rule;

  • Remember to pick up your horses droppings

2 thoughts on “Schooling Manners

  1. I agree to all. Its a difficult task to complete, but I always like to remind people that if you have to do a transition because someone isn’t following the rules, or helping, this can be a good thing because your horse becomes more aware of your leg, and listening to you! Find the silver lining!!! Well written – thank you

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