The Silent Conversation

To non horse owners this might sound a little weird but Im hoping those of you who do own horses or have been around them long enough will know what I mean when I say …..

Eva is in a mood with me!

Actually no, she is furious at me!

She has been in this mood for the whole week!

And I have no idea what I have done!


This whole week she has been difficult for me to catch in her stable, as in spinning round when I go in and facing her usual sulk corner.


Even my boyfriend saw it and laughed at how obvious her sulking is!

She has been pulling faces when I brush her and not just like when I brush her stomach because then I would be thinking she has a sore stomach but when I brush her neck and legs she is having none of it. Of course I am having none of it either and we end up bickering like an old married couple and both end up pulling faces at each other.

The only time she will talk to me is when I have a feed bucket in my hand!

I have mentioned that Eva isn’t the most cuddly horse in the world but she is definitely giving me the cold shoulder about something.ย  I will have to investigate.



It might just be because she is in harder work now and she has decided that its not for her…




4 thoughts on “The Silent Conversation

  1. Ah yes the argument. I totally understand this mate and it hurts because you are arguing with your best friend. I’m not sure what you have done, but they do sulk and they do carry on with tantrums.

    My Moo is the most overt when it comes to moods, Freddy is forgiving and will always come in for a cuddle even if he is mad at me or jealous because I haven’t ridden him much he will always want to make up. He is sensitive. Moo will be like Eva and just diss me and leave me in the cold to work it out!

    Let us know how it goes x Mel

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  2. Mine does the same hiding in the corner thing every time I appear with his saddle. There’s nothing physically wrong, he’d just prefer to be playing with his mates than being ridden. *sigh*

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