Balancing Act


When else is better to write a blog post than when you have been up since 3 am because your throat is massively swollen and you are in a flu medicine induced haze …. (I won’t be telling you how long it just took me to spell medicine )

Finding the balance with horses and… life… can be difficult. You essentially own a toddler. You have to make sure they are eating right, they get enough social time, that you replace their clothes when they come back from those social times with rips, they are kept in reasonable health through various exercise and at the end of the day make sure their room is kept tidy. Throw in working so you have to make sure they are at a place that is safe during those working hours.

Also the embarrassment when they have a tantrum in front of other people.

giphy (3)

Actually make that a very fussy toddler because they wont eat what you eat, therefore meals need to be prepared separately.

Its hard work lets all just appreciate that, and quite frankly I’m lucky as I don’t have any actual children to look after as well.

So when things in the rest of your life get busy, it gets hard to be productive when you ride. It is very easy to give in to temptation and go in to the school to a few circles here another circle there then pat your horse and call it a day. Trust me. I know. I was suck in that for 2 years!! Ok maybe not the full two years as we did progress in that time. But not as fast as we could of done as a lot of my mind was taken up by trying to progress in my career, sit industry exams and still have a social life. What I am trying to say is when is it difficult to have productive rides – if you even decide to ride at all – and not just spend a few hours brushing your horse.

Having a partner does make things easier in some ways but more difficult in other.

In one way having a partner means you get a little extra help around the yard. I have been teaching my slightly reluctant boyfriend how to lunge. Eva is very good on the lunge which I taught her completely how to do as she really wasn’t very good at beforehand. I hate it when people say my horse “doesn’t lunge” , I’m sorry but strongly I disagree. I have taught multiple horses “how to lunge”, from stroppy mares who would try kick your head in to completely un-handled stallions to frisky welshes.  I strongly believe it is the person that doesn’t know how to lunge and NOT the horse because the horse reacts to your body language. Take the below picture from 2 years ago when I first was teaching my boyfriend how to lunge, and bare in mind Eva can lunge perfectly when given the correct commands –  to the point of you can either stand in the middle and say canter or you can give a little skip and she’s off in canter.


The top picture she is looking at him like “Excuse me but what exactly are you wanting, should I come in, stay out, what is happening” and when he gives the correct commands in the bottom pictures she out lunging fine. I shall perhaps write a post on lunging later.

On the other hand it can make it more difficult as you spend a lot of time at the horse  and if he is reluctant to join you – because he is a little bit allergic – it makes it a balancing act spending enough time with both. I do get a little guilty when I am coming in the door at 8pm and dinner is made and in the oven to be kept warm. Also the amount of times I have come home and we sit down to watch something – Stranger Things is our favourite at the moment, but I will take any other suggestions – and 20 minutes later I am fast asleep .

At the moment my personal life is quite busy without a horse. As I mentioned previously we are moving, I started a new job in the middle of this year so I am still getting to grips with all the ins and out of that and I am studying for another industry exam which I have a deadline of January to do it by.

So how do I manage it all? Simple! It sounds super horse nerdy but I dinnae care.

I have a diary. Yup a diary for Eva and a diary for me. Its actually just the one diary but split like the picture below so each week I have one side for Eva and the other side for me.

Bought from amazon

Evas side is filled with events at the yard, various appointments (vet,farrier e.c.t), lessons and days off. I like to have to events at the yard in it even when I haven’t entered the events so that I can immediately tell when the yard will be busy or not and therefore plan if she is getting a day off, a quick lunge or maybe a jumping session if the jumps are up from a jumping competition.

See useful right!

Does anyone else do this or is it just me ?

Anyway, my lemsip has now gone cold so I better go and make another…

3 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. I keep a diary for the horse, my schedule is hectic but very consistent.

    I am lucky that the town I live in is very horsey, a 10 minute drive to the agistment is on the longer side of average.

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