Diary of a Moody Mare Vol # 3 – The Awful Weekend Part 2

Following on from my previous diary entry, in which I was held captive in my stable and was not allowed to be let out to my field much to my displeasure!

Sunday morning came and I glared at my human as she entered the barn. She avoided my gaze but she knew my eye were boring into the back of her head.

giphy (3).gif

She came into the yard spoke to some people, gave me a quick pat then left for a few minutes and arrived back again. Clearly she had checked if I would be allowed out as once she arrived back she put my head collar on. Finally the sweet freedom of the field was coming my way. When left the yard then went the wrong way! What on earth was this?!

We walked up to the yard were I get my baths

We then went the wrong way again! We reached a contraption. It wad humming slightly. My human stepped inside and I followed, we were clearly going somewhere new.


She unclipped my leadrope and and squeezed past me and stepped out the door we came in.

I spun around and glared at her this was NOT the field OR a hot shower.

What does she think she is doing!?

She glared at me right back

The absolute cheek! When did this behaviour become acceptable !?

She told me to turn around.

Taken aback by her sudden cheek I spun around again so that I was facing the way she left me.

A humming sound started which I jumped at as I was clearly unprepared for this situation! The gate in front of me start moving a way, I followed it. I heard a noise behind me and I looked behind in horror to find another gate behind me moving toward me. My only option left was to walk so I walked in order not to be touched by either gate. I realised there were others trapped in the contraption and attempted speaking to them to find out more about what was about to happen to us!

I spotted my human standing beside the entrance as I came round, I attempted speaking to her yet this was to no avail! She just told me to “Keep going”

Keep going!?! I glowered at her an continued.

I she seemed to think I had settled and left me and the other horses in this contraption.

An age went by. I was walking with the rest of them when I spotted my human she had resurfaced from were ever she had gone to hide.

When I reach the point of the circle closest to her. I stopped and demanded to be let out. The back gate caught up with me an I was forced to keep walking.

She said I was relaxed coming out. Reader, I was exhausted. I couldn’t just do my normal wandering walk not actually going anywhere but instead I had to keep a forward rhythm do you know how exhausting that is ?

Finally after all this I should be let out to the field.

But no that was NOT the case!!

I was put straight back in to my quarters and left abandoned in the stable for another night before one of the staff collected me the next morning and I was finally allowed back out to the field!

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