||November ’17 Plans||


This year is flying by incredibly fast!! As winter arrives the dark nights really feel like they are closing in. Right now as I am writing this it is half seven and it looks like it is midnight out side.

Overall this is going to be a very busy month for me, therefore Eva will probably get a pretty relaxed month which Im sure she will enjoy.

Its going to be busy for me as we are moving!! Exciting but stressful. At the moment my lunch times and evenings are filled with searching for new flats, seeing new flats or packing. So if I am a little quiet this month that is why! There will be quite a few nights this month that I will be going up and just doing the basics of quickly mucking out and giving Eva dinner.

In October I competed in a dressage competition, had two lessons and in a bit of a spur of the moment entered a halloween fun show!

To finish off October and start November we had a lesson from our usual instructor. We worked on our right bend and getting a little more supplness during transitions. He said he could tell we had been practicing and it was good to see which I was very happy about.

There is a dressage competition in the middle of the month which unfortunately we won’t be entering as I have a lot on, I think adding a dressage competition to the mix is perhaps not the best idea for now plus there will be other opportunities so there no need to add more to an already busy month.

There is also a club showjumping show on in November however I am unable to enter it as it is the day of my boyfriends birthday and I have a bit of a surprise planned for him so I will be needing to get everything sorted for that including picking old friends up from the airport and train station which he has no idea about. However there is another show in December which I will definately be entering!


Anyway moving on,ย I was also hoping to get a jumping lesson during the middle of November however I haven’t heard back from the person organising it yet so I have no idea if I have a space or not.

The farrier is out at the end of this week so I will be giving her mane a good tidy up while she is still out for the count.

Oh yeah, I should also be studying…. giphy (5).gif

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