Diary of a Moody Mare Vol #3 – The Awful Weekend Part 1

Where better to start than at the beginning.

On Monday night it had been decided by my human and, so it would appear, all other humans at the yard that we shall be stabled during the dark hours for winter. I was not impressed at this and in circumstances like this it is imperative that I make it known to my human in order help her to improve upon her decisions in the future. I decided that pulling down all rugs I could reach and knocking over my water bucket would do to start with.

Reader, I didn’t stop there. I needed to do a little extra just to make sure my human would know my displeasure. I spotted the box sitting out side my stable. My human likes to keep all the brushes in there. And it was in my reach.

giphy (2).gif

By the time the staff came to escort me to the field the next day the contents of that box were strewn all over the yard. I was quite pleased.

However despite my best efforts my human failed to grasp what I was hinting at. Her little mind could not get round the idea that I was to be released from confinement at night. Alas it looks like I either resign to come in when the staff come and collect me or get left in the field alone – I discovered this after refusing to catch one day.

Friday proved to be an interesting day, I was let out by the staff in the morning and brought in, as in line with the new routine. Yet on Friday night the staff came into be stable and stuck a tube in my mouth and injected some form of liquid that they then made me swallow!!

giphy (4).gif



I plan on making a complaint on the matter, yet who can be trusted ?! Apparently no one!

My human arrived later that evening and was fussing over me she clearly knew I had been poisoned, and I quite enjoyed her fussing . With that being said she had a weird way of showing it. She arranged my mane in some weird fashion and left them in for the night.

I was quite surprised to see her early the next morning. Her own human arrived with her, the one I like to play with by pushing around but my human seems to get protective over if I “go too far”. Pfft I do not understand why she continually brings him to me if I can’t push him around. I don’t mind him, he feeds me treats occasionally and escorts me down to the field.

Saturday was stressful. Some people had invited themselves on to the yard. This seems to be a common thing at this yard! Some of them were throwing some very fancy moves, a little on the unnecessary side if you ask me I mean as if someone was watching them or something. Anyway I had plenty to look at especially when we went into the arenas alone and I was sure to alert my human to all of the dangers in the arena.

When my human had decided to finish we went back to my residence where I was untacked and the unnecessary things were removed from my mane.

I was patiently waiting to be released to the field when my human patted me and told me I was to stay in until Monday!giphy (1).gif



She said something about worms but I was far to distressed to listen to her prattle.

I stared at her as she left the yard waving at me.

I have staff now she clearly doesn’t realise this.

I was sure they would let me out later all I would have to do is wait. Despite my demands, all of my requests were ignored!!

I was sure that all my friends would be outside wondering where on earth I had gone!

A mistake had clearly been made!

I was trapped!

This shall be all I write for now, I shall continue my story later.

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