Clipping …

As winter draws in it is time for a clip, something I love when it has been done but dread in the run up to.

As much as I would love Eva to have a full clip or a hunter clip this is just not on our Evas schedule. Since Eva gets friendly with her back legs during a clip and tends to go into panic mode I settle for an Irish clip, she is an Irish sports horse after all. The safest course of action, for everyone involved, is to give her a good dose on sedation before starting. As I don’t currently have my own pair of clippers and I am inexperienced at clipping myself I tend to pay others to do the job for me so it can be done quickly and without fuss – at least for now, one day I do plan on buying my own and doing it myself – so I left her in the capable hands of the yard manager who was armed with the sedation.

I arrived at the yard on Monday night I saw the clippers were out and Eva was in her stable unclipped. She looked a little on the sleepy side but not snoring, I thought “Fair enough she has just been given the dose”. So I pottered about and waited. The yard manager came down and asked if she was looking sleepy yet, and explained that she had been given the dose an hour ago so it seems to of not worked. It was fair enough she had probably swallowed some and therefore it wasn’t working as effectively as normal – normal being Eva snoring .

So we discussed what to do and we decided to twitch and see how far we would get. I am not bothered if we have to stop half way through and have patchy clip for a few days because then at least we tried.

Ok so bit of back ground here, last time we were in this situation we had a bit of an incident. Last time the dope wasn’t hitting and we decided to twitch, Eva decided the best course of action would be to jump out of the stocks, like actually jump out. I was holding her and was yanked up and forward as she jumped and the poor girl clipping was knocked side ways. This time we weren’t in stocks and I think that was a major factor in her … explosion.

I thought we would give it a try.

Worse come to worse she will have a patchy clip for a few days.

Guys, she was the best she has ever been to clip!
I was so pleased with her!

The whole time I was waiting for her to have enough and do her “Get out my space right now or y’all dead” act. But that never came! There was a few tickley spots were she darted a little but we recovered and continued.

I was actually staring at her like “Are you ok? Are we clipping the right horse?!”

Ok she was so tense it was surprising she was still actually breathing but even with that she was standing still. Her eyes followed us glaring at us and the yard manager turned to me at one point and said “You know I don’t think I have received such a death stare from a horse before”

But overall she was really good, it felt like the right step in the right direction.

What proved she was my Eva, was after we had finished she stood facing the back stable wall in a grump for at least five minutes afterwards!

She spent a solid five mintues like this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I imagine shes thinking about how she can get me back!

Of course here are the obligatory before and after pictures…


Personally I think she is a lovely colour underneath but I am bias. But in all honesty wouldn’t she love stunning with a full clip.

7 thoughts on “Clipping …

      1. Yes I will have Biasini clipped again in December about a week before the goes to Florida for the winter season. He was only clipped a couple of weeks ago and already he is growing back a bit. We have had a very warm autumn here so it is good he was clipped or he would be a sweat ball. I think your clip looks lovely and if I did not go south I would like a clip like that.

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  1. Looks so good after she was clipped. I am going to have to go trough the same thing in a couple of weeks when i have to clip mine. No one has ever deared to do it in his 16 years of life. Going to be an interesting experience.

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  2. Eva looks lovely! Your description of the mare stare had me giggling. I’ve never personally seen a horse react badly to a clipping, and it makes me sad that sedation is necessary for some. Glad this time worked out for you both!

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    1. Tbh I only had one or two experiences with horses that dont like clipping until I met my mare who was a whole new level even to the point of when some one was getting clipped beside her she would be snorting and jumping at the sound. Im hoping the repetition of it will soon get her calmer.

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      1. Crossing fingers. Also, try bringing the clippers out for her to see often but don’t use them. Then progress to turning on so she gets used to the sound.


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