Lets talk about – Extreme Breeding

A few days ago I came across an article about the extreme breeding it mainly focused on Arabian horses in particular, mostly on their dished faces. There are several news outlets that have published this and it has all come about due to the surrounding interest of one young horse called El Rey Magnum, and the look of his face

Dr Madeleine Campbell, an equine reproduction specialist, expert in animal welfare and ethics and director of the Equine Ethics Consultancy, added: “Whilst it is obviously impossible to comment on an individual animal based only on photographic evidence, as a general principle any trend towards breeding for extremes of form which might adversely affect normal function must be condemned, on welfare grounds. – Telegraph

Vets are warning that the “extreme breeding” of horses could harm their health and welfare after pictures emerged of a young Arabian horse with a drastically concave profile. Claimed to be already worth “several million dollars”, El Rey Magnum is said to be “close to perfection” by its breeders at Orrion Farms, an Arabian horse specialist in Ellensburg, Washington state. – Guardian

It is not new for humans to breed our animals -dogs and cats are a particular example – to suit our needs wants, for example look at the squished noses of pugs, lets face it, when in evolution would having difficulty breathing be a good idea?! Or the scottish fold cat bred for the genetic mutation that gives to the “cute” folded ears.

Horses are not the first animals and won’t be the last, and of course lets not forget selective breeding is how the thoroughbred came in to existence. It is something humans have been doing for 100s of years and it is something that we will be doing for 100s of years to come.

The article received mixed comments, some said it is a shame for these horses where as others suggested that the article was just creating hysteria, I will let you decide on that … we all know there is plenty of fake news on the internet.

Personally I think everything in moderation, we have domesticated these animals therefore we have the responsibility of deciding the future breeding of them but it should be to improve aspects such as health or behaviour not to be ascetically pleasing to us humans.

I also think horses can slightly avoid the trap because they are athletes. People will breed them to be strong and healthy to be able to compete therefore I don’t think they will bred to the extremes that dogs and cats. However where horses would fall into the trap of being bred to look good is showing, there Im afraid it is down to the judges.

What do you think ?

Are certain breeds of horses falling into extremes ?

6 thoughts on “Lets talk about – Extreme Breeding

  1. I agree that the primary consideration should be the health and welfare of the horse. The extreme breeding thing is bizarre in the extreme. I have also heard many years ago (before ‘fake’ news) that the Arabs had plastic surgery done on their eyes until it was banned. Oddly enough the dished face is a Western world thing. Apparently the original breeders of Arabians, the Arabs themselves, sold the dish faced ones to the Westerners because they considered this look to be inferior. Hmmm……

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  2. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the health of the animal, I’m not going to get all crazy about it. Plenty of horses are already bred for color only, with no consideration for temperament or athleticism, so it isn’t really new. Not to mention, some of the athletic qualities breeders select for are detrimental to the long term health of the horse. It’s better to breed a horse that’s healthy and mediocre, but the big money is in the extremes.

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