||October ’17 Plans||

Well its all been happening this past week!!

giphy (6).gif

I had an interview with Equipepper as part of her series on new bloggers the interview was based my background in horses and why I start blogging, if you are interested in giving that a wee read you can find it here.

I also had a review done on this blog by Passion for horse the review came about after a few of us got together in the Equestrian Bloggers group and a list was put together to review each others blogs. She produced a indepth and kind review on my blog and it did made me blush a little, you can read that here. (I have one that I posted at the end of last week – it can be found here Equestrian Blog Review: Team Tunnah Eventing)


Anyway on to this post…

If you have read some of my other blog posts you will know by now that I like planning. I like to make my plan. I like to stick to my plan. I like to complete my plan. If something should stop my plan from happening I then sit down. Cry. Then re-plan.

Looking at the month ahead there is a dressage competition right at the beginning of the month which I have entered the two unaffiliated prelim classes in – prelim 13 and 19. This is the first time in a very long time that I will have to learn two dressage tests so I am a little nervous about it. The prelim 13 takes place on a 20×40 arena and the 19 on a 20×60 arena which means I will have to watch the size of my 20m circles. Only recently did I realise that I had been riding a 20m circle in a 20×60 arena wrong… oops! At least we weren’t doing much dressage! I posted last week asking how you guys go about remembering tests and there was quite a few different methods suggested, it just shows you everyone learns differently.

I also have a lesson planned (I do apologise, I will stop using that word!) prearranged with my flatwork instructor which unfortunately is after the dressage competition. However I will probably take the test sheets along with us so he can have a look and get us prepared for the next one which will be the start of November.

As for our jumping lessons there are two clinics in October but I think I will see if there is space in the second one as the first one is two days before the dressage competition and I imagine I will be flapping about that rather than wanting to jump. Pfft! I say “I imagine I will be flapping”, if I am not muttering to myself and walking weird shaped circles in my living room by then something is wrong!

A woman at the yard did mention about getting a masseuse in for the horses, he apparently is really good at giving them an all over massage I think I will sign Eva up for that and she what she thinks.

We are now also officially in at night for the winter as of last night, safe to say Eva was not impressed at this and destroyed everything she could reach last night. Ah well such is the life of having a diva mare I say ….while I move everything out of reaching distance. ๐Ÿ˜‚

What are your plans for this month, anything exciting coming up ?ย 

Also Have you ever booked you horse in for massage ? Did they enjoy their experience?

9 thoughts on “||October ’17 Plans||

  1. Hi there, sounds like a great month! Enjoy it all and every moment ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have a Competition on October 14 & 15 and then a Showjumping Club Day on the 21st October.

    My horses have visits from the Chiropractor but never a massage. Hmm… perhaps I should get them one.
    Mel x

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    1. Im lookong forward to it ๐Ÿ˜Š Good luck in your upcoming outings! Sounds like you have a busy month coming up. I will maybe do a blog post on how we get on as I have no experience with them either.

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  2. You should definitely sign Eva up for massage! I work on horses of all types and personalities, and they all benefit. Since she is a bit nervous around new people it may take some time to trust him, but it is so positive for her. Feel free to ask me any questions about equine massage. Would love you to write about your experience for my blog, Bridle & Bone if you are interested.

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    1. I would definately be interested! I will need to speak to the woman who is arranging it and see when she has him out. Is there anything you would suggest with a nervous horse ? ( I plan on giving the guy warning before he see her anyway)

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      1. Nervous horses are my favorite. Not because they make it a challenge, which they do, but when they release all that tension and trust- it’s such a gift. I use a calming massage blend with essential oils on my hands after I introduce myself. Nervous horses require long, flowing strokes and starting with areas they are comfortable with you touching. Once they are relaxed then you can move to the sensitive areas. Eva seems like she may take a few sessions to really earn her trust.


  3. Haha, yes! I am quite a planner too. For example the competition we were at on sunday, I have been training for that for about 3 months! I feel like I am not complete without a plan. I try to get a chiropractor to check Baldur regularly, it’s so good for them to get their body checked as well as a little spa treatment!

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  4. Ah-haha! I cry too when my “perfect” plan crumbles. You’re in good company! Best to you this month, and congrats on two great blog reviews ๐Ÿ˜Š Remember to schedule breathing time amidst all your activity!!

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