Equestrian Blog Review – Team Tunnah Eventing

I am part of a Facebook group called “Equestrian Bloggers”, it is a group created to support and promote equiestrian blogs to other equestrian bloggers. There are various enagement posts to take part in as well as post on hints and tips to run your own blog.

In a recent discussion a few of us got together to review each others blogs, the pick of who was reviewing who was completely random. The blog I was selected to review is Team Tunnah Eventing


Team Tunnah Eventing, this blog has been growing and growing over the past 5 years after it was started in October 2012 by Sophie. When starting out with her blog Sophie was training and competing her horse called Thomas and in 2015 she bought another horse Louie, a youngster to bring on. Sophie regularly takes her grey Louie out and about a variety of shows, while eventing is her main discipline she also takes part in dressage and also a recent showing show. When she started the blog she was using it as a way to document her training and competition progress but as the blog grew she started to develop further ideas for her blog posts. The blog is very well rounded and from first impressions of the blog it is clear that a lot of work has gone in to creating and developing the site and content. The site itself has a well defined colour scheme so that the site links together well and is very tidy. She uses various social media platforms such as instagram, twitter and pintrest so that which ever the reader prefers they have a way to keep up with the blog.

On average Sophie posts about twice a week, I feel, this is an ideal number as it doesn’t flood the mail box of followers, but also keeps the readers interested. Interaction with readers is a key part of blogging and Sophie regularly interacts with comments from readers of her blog and encourages others to engage as well.

The posts on the blog cover a variety of subjects from posts about large equestrian events in eventing – such as the Burghley and Bramham horse trials – to her personal competing progress, to supporting others to build their blogs. A recent post that I personally found very interesting was a post on Equine Physio & Rider Balance, in which she talks about her recent visit from the physio and rider balance specialist, she breaks down the session in to parts and posts in detail about the benefits of the visit. Her posts on her outings with Louie take the reader through her show preparation, the competition day and her final thoughts on how the event went, in these posts she also includes her scores and placings in the events. It is good for aspiring competitors to be able to see the full process that goes into competition and the thoughts behind that process.

All of her posts include photos and/or videos relating to the content of the post. The photos are very ascetically pleasing and of high quality, she edits the photos by adding text so that they fit well with the content of the post. When blogging about her outings she tends to include videos at least from the dressage phase, therefore a regular followers of her blog are able to watch and see how she is getting along.

Sophie uses her experience in equestrian blogging to encourage others to join, she is the founder of the Equestrian Bloggers group on Facebook and put a great amount of time and effort in to running the group. Sophie also won the Blogger of the year Award 2016 from Haynet Blogging, which was very well deserved! So if you are looking for a new blog to follow I would highly recommend you take a look at Team Tunnah Eventing

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