Timehop Memory #18

At our old yard Eva was definately a top mare in the herd. I saw her get in between and stop two geldings who were having a bit of a disagreement, I saw her protect youngsters and she even helped people get an injured horse out the field once by hearding the rest of the horses away, not by being mean just a “come on guys move out the way” type way. There was about 8-10 horses in total, the ages were quite spread and it was a mixed herd. They had a massive field so they were really left to be horses and sort out their own pecking order.

On this day last year as soon as I walked her towards the gate the rest fell in line and quietly followed my mare up to the gate.

I was like Eva had told them they were to move to the other side of the field and they all accepted and followed.

All hail Queen Eva 👑

One thought on “Timehop Memory #18

  1. Ah the alpha mare. Us girls can learn a lot from the alpha mate. They are brilliant! I love that Eva protected an injured horse that makes her alpha and empathetic what a lovely combination. 💕

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