Blog Recognition Award

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What is this award

A blog award given from blogger to blogger to encourage and acknowledge the hard work and effort that goes into creating their blog.

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

  • Thank the nominating blogger(s)
  • Respond to the nominating blogger with a link to this post on their blog
  • Share a story of how and why you started your blog
  • Offer at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Pass on the nomination to other bloggers!
  • Write a post about the award

A massive thank you to No Bucking Way for my nomination they have a very unquie way of blogging which makes the reader feel invloved in thier posts.

Why I started this blog

I started this blog in July 2017 as I felt like I am in a situation that a lot of riders are in, that is from a non-horsey family and who only was able to buy my first horse at the age of 21 after a lot of saving and planning. I am passionate about horses and really wanted a way to share that, and that wouldn’t end up bugging my friends on facebook, a lot of whom are non-horsey.

Coming from a non-horsey background ment that I rode a lot of other peoples horses for them while growing up and from the age of about 17 I was getting paid to ride those horses. However this has its ups and downs while I was able to get good experience sitting on many different horses and gain a very good velcro butt from sitting on some horses that could only be described as nutters it also ment that once the horses got to a certain level the owners would tend to take them back as I had “fixed” them. So naturally my first horse -whom this blog is influenced by- is a hell of a fixer upper.

In the future I hope to buy a lorry and another horse one which has been there done that a little so that I can get out and about and really push myself to see how far I can get.I hope to climb a few levels and become serious in eventing however as I do not have my own transport, I do have to make the most out of what I have – and what I have is a yard that holds its own competitions therefore I am still able to gain experience without having the extra cost of transport. Blogging is a great outlet for the adventures I have had and that I will have and I am looking forward to keeping this blog going.

Two pieces of advice
  • Just do it – A lot of people say “oh I was going to do that but …. ” if you feel like you could do a post per week why not. On a place like this – word press – the hosting is free to a certain point (you can only do so much layout editing and you don’t have your own domain name) but its a good way to test the waters and see how it goes.
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  • Content – I post a reasonable amount and from seeing other bloggers this needs to be done especially in the beginning when you are building your foundations. So plan your posts while you might not post them in the order you originally intended, horses do have a way of making their own decisions – you at least have a few posts in the background to work on for when you need content.
Nominate other bloggers!

(Apologies if any of the bloggers below have already received this.)


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3 thoughts on “Blog Recognition Award

  1. Aaah thank you so much for nominating me! And go for your dreams! I also didnโ€™t come from a Horse family, but everything is possible as long as you believe in it, as cheesy as it sounds. Good luck! And I canโ€™t wait to follow you on the adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

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