Saddler Check Up

I’m not going to lie its been a while since I had the saddler out and our last check was an interesting one – I mentioned it my blog post August | The Works – so this time I was very much hoping that my mare would behave herself.


Currently I ride in a wintec lite, which I bought because it has the easy change fit solution so that it can be adjusted a fair amount without having buying a different saddle. It is also very light and a pretty comfortable saddle.

Im getting the saddler out as I noticed that it was lifting at the back when I jump and as I am getting more serious with the work my mare is in I wanted to make sure it is properly fitted as I increase the work load.

Ideally the saddle I have will be able to be refitted to her but I am not ruling out selling it for another saddle. I like having a general purpose saddle because we are doing a bit of everything right now and not focusing on any certain area.

The saddler arrived and we spoke about the saddle while she introduced herself to Eva. Eva of course glared at me as we both entered the stable I imagine this was because the last person I let into the stable was a vet, who stuck a needle in her, so she was quite suspicious about what we were up to. The saddler felt her back ensure there wasnt any pain, Eva wriggled slightly but the saddler gave her a firm calming pat and Eva allowed the saddler to continue. With her back checked and everything being fine it was time to look at how the saddle sits on her back.

Putting the saddle on without the saddle cloth the saddler said the saddle looked very well fitted but because of the lightness of the saddle it would lift up easier than most therefore this will be contributing to it lifting. She noticed that my girth has eliastic at both sides which could be my issue but other than that the fit was spot on. She also changed which girth straps I was using so instead of the front an middle I would now use the front and back straps.

Down in the school I gave Eva a quick lunge as we didnt have the saddle cloth on and knowing Eva she could be quite dramatic about changes. Eva was very well behaved and I hopped on and rode while the saddler watched. I popped a jump after warming up so that the saddler could watch the saddler over the jump.

Turns out the saddle is pretty much a spot on fit and I just needed to change the girth straps! Yay! I didnt think it was badly fitted but it is always best to be sure and its good to hear that I had fitted well myself.

As we were finishing another person in the school riding asked if the saddler had time to give her a check. I ended up splitting the cost which worked out perfect!

The saddler was fantastic, she wasnt going to try sell me anything an she got on well with Eva (which makes my life eaiser). Should I be needing another saddle I’ll definately be getting her out again.

So to sum up saddle is a spot on fit and Eva didnt turn into a rodeo horse to show off!

Tall Horse

Sometimes I forget how big she is ๐Ÿ™ˆ

2 thoughts on “Saddler Check Up

  1. I love that you got this done for Eva. It shows what an excellent horseman/horsewoman you are to care about your horses well being as you are about to up the workload… it makes me realise it’s been a while for me too, so I best get into this for Fred and moo
    Thank you
    Mel x

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