||September ’17 Plans|| Keeping a plan

Before I start this post I thought I would say at I have been selected for blog of the day on hay-net blogging ! Yay! 😁 I have also reached 1,000 views in the just over 2 months that I have been blogging!

It may be only the start of September but I am already counting down the days to October!

Why you may ask ?

Well, as of the 1st of October all horses are stabled over night. This means that my mare will be in waiting for me when I arrive from work. This may seem like a small thing but for the last month-ish I have been spending a fair amount of time in the field attempting to catch her. While I have always caught her – in the end – and have only once given up (because I was volunteering that day so needed to leave to do that) she still insists on giving me the run around before catching. Therefore coming from work it will be very nice for me to see my horse in the stable when I arrive!

During September we don’t have too much planned we have the saddler, farrier and a jumping lesson booked and I am going to change her feed a little but other than that we having got anything else booked. We could also have a lesson with a 3* eventer but unfortunately I lack the funds, so that will not be happening in September however the eventer is doing clinics in October and November as well, so I am at least going to try get ourselves signed up for one of those.

We will probably be spending most of September practicing for a dresage competition which is held at the start of October and which I am already looking forward to!

The last dressage competition we did was also our first ever dressage test it went …interestingly. I stayed on. Thats all that matters right?? We did dive in at the deep end at an area petplan festival in one of the unaffiliated classes. So it was very busy and there was flower pots everywhere which gave her royal highness plenty of opportunity for spooking and protesting to any of my commands.

Anyway, yesterday I had one of those frustrating rides were both my mare and myself bickered the whole time like an old married couple I eventually decided to go out for a short hack to cool down. Off we went and half way round a the track on the outside of a plowed field a deer spooked us. We went flying across the plowed field and I am amazed I stayed on! We made our way to the track and were on our tip toes. As we continued it started to very heavily rain. Just what we needed to finish. We must of looked like the most miserable pair of horse and rider you could imagine coming back from that hack.

3 thoughts on “||September ’17 Plans|| Keeping a plan

  1. First, congratulations on your page views and Blogger of the Day! That is very exciting πŸ™‚ I’ve definitely had horses that I had to chase in the field and sometimes give up on. I spent some time training them to come to me rather than riding, and it made all the difference. If you have any down time, think about it. She may associate being caught with having to “work”. Do some other fun things and make sure to give a lot of positive reinforcement when you do have her. What does she like?


    1. Thank you 😁
      She likes being as far away fron humans as she can to be honest! πŸ˜‚ She will join up on the lunge in the school absolutely fine and by no means is she ridden every time she comes in. Shes also not food driven as when shes in a real huff she will stand no matter what bucket or treat you have. Shes very intelligent as she will circle you in the field and on that circle you can get her to walk, trot, canter and even change rien by pretty much no more than your voice but she knows coming in to you means you will touch her therefore she will refuse as long as possible. But the weird fact is that she also quite enjoys a good scatch!!πŸ™ˆ I dont know much of her past but Im pretty certain it wasnt positive. πŸ˜•

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