Diary of a Moody Mare Vol #2




The rudeness is beyond belief!

Dear diary,

My human brought a stranger in today, not just the usual stranger but a Vet! Not just on to the yard but on to my private residence!!

First she tried listening to my heart.

I say tried… they failed. I made sure of that.

The vet rubbed my neck for a bit which I was already not pleased with I have informed my human several times of my feelings towards unnecessary contact yet she still insists of allowing an intruder to touch me.

Out warning I felt a jab! I started to rear in surprise but my human pulled me down! THERE WAS A NEEDLE HANGING OUT OF MY NECK! I vaguely remember my human trying to talk to me but I was far to distressed to listen… what else was I suppose to do THERE WAS A NEEDLE HANGING OUT OF MY NECK!!!

My life flashed before my eyes. I had to stay alive but with an injury like this… it would take all the strength I had to not pass out with shock! I was in a blind panic!!

Apparently they had the needle in me a total of three times but as I would not stay “quiet enough” for the vet to make her final move and inject the posion. I was saved! I glared at my human while her and the vet spoke strategies.

My human told the vet that I would be fine with the dental inspection instrument on but if any work should be needed to be done then I would need the poison so they decided to check in my month first. I heard the vet say this is were most horses panic which I have no idea why…But jabbing me beforehand is ridiculous!

After deciding that nothing needed done they then took me out of my quarters to have my full inspection. The vet listened to my gut and then my heart… I have no idea who caused all the fuss eariler or why my human rolled her eyes when I allowed the vet to listen to my heart.

Then she tried to check my eyes by moving my head closer to her but I stuck my nose in the air as a small human like her could never reach me. I forgot my mum was standing next to her. She can reach.

Reader, I do regret choosing a tall human sometimes but I figured a tall human would be quicker bringing food because of the long legs. The positive seems to equal the negative in this respect.

I was then asked to run with my human. I made sure to make lots of snorting sounds and dramatically prance along behind her to scare her. She tends to move a little faster when I do that!! Plus we were running away from the vet so the faster the better.

I was then placed in my residence while they discussed the results. Perfect of course. Because its me and I would of told my human if something was wrong but apparently “regular checks help us catch anything early if there should be something wrong”

I feel like they might of been discussing the next time they are going to poison me so I shall stay vigilant. This human continues to think she will get her way.

I regret to also inform you that the muzzle continues to be a regular occurrence in my life, but I am no longer the only one in my field my human seems to be a bad influence on the other humans and there are now two of my companions trapped in these devices. We have tried helping each other out but none of us can figure out a way of pulling it off with the restrictions it places upon us.

Until next time reader.

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