I got my stirrup leather back!

Yay ! Some very kind person at the yard must of found it and had put it on my box when I arrived at the yard on Monday night.

I was going to go round the route again to try and find it but someone beat me to it. I thought I may as well do the route again or at least a shortened version so that we got past were we had our…. incident, forceful separation, parting of ways.

When out on the hack I just kept it to walk and nice and relaxed. However when we came to the bottom of the track again Eva picked up and was jumping at everything. Honestly a leaf would move and Eva would be like..

Just as I was wondering where I fell off when Eva stopped and snorted at a large me shaped mark in the mud… I had to laugh as you could see the hoof prints turn to hoof and foot prints after the dent. I would of taken a picture if Eva hadnt thought it necessary to be walking with her bum tucked ready to go at any second and I wasnt prepared for a second dismount.

On the Tuesday night I thought we would do the first part of the hack again (the new bit). So off we wandered until about 2 minutes down the road Eva decided to have a bit of a tantrum.

Evas tantrums on hacks are running backwards bucking. So no matter how much squeezing/kicking or use of the whip she will keep going backwards therefore you have to throw her off her stride. Her idea seems to be throw you forwards by running backwards and then off by bucking. But she picked the wrong day. After our last … incident… I was determined to stay on and go out on this hack. So through gritted teeth I told her to move or else.

The running backwards I stopped by spinning her. And the bucking… I sat up and held on to some mane.

When cars went past we would freeze mid argument, I would wave the car past then once it had safely past we would start arguing again. Eva is quite interesting in that when you stop “causing” the argument she will stand stone still waiting for your next move. But as soon as you start asking her to do what ever it is she is protesting about she will also start the tantrum again. Its almost like she is giving you the chance to do what she wants you to do.

It took about 20mintues before she would move, she slowly crept forward at which point I would relax and give her rein the slow creep turned into our normal wandering pace shortly after.

And guess what?! After that the hack was perfect! We actually would of almost been home by the time she walked on.

6 thoughts on “I got my stirrup leather back!

  1. Good to know you got it sorted. Last week I was in the forest and Biasini decided he didn’t want to cross a bridge over a stream. He just stops and refuses to go forward. So I turned him round and backed him the whole way over the bridge. Turned him round again and on we went. Go figure!

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    1. That is a interesting way to cross a bridge but at least it worked! Im needing to go out and do it again, hopefully this time she will decide since I was stubborn and won this time she will keep walking forward.


  2. Haha- it’s like reading what me and Ara used to be like…the same tantrums and the stopping mid way to smile & wave a car by before turning back to the task of moving the horse and using every swear word known to man!! He would always pick a fight on the road as well- pulled a shoe off one day with his acrobatics!

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