The Equestrian Bank Account – Camping at Shows

With Blair at the end of this week I need to get packing.

 So once you have your shopping list sorted as we all love a good splurge but lets be honest when can we ever afford to buy everything we really want? So have a think and then you can keep your eyes peeled for things you will actually want/need and you will know when you have spotted a bargin.

As for things to bring with you here are my top 10 tips that I have sussed over the years of camping.

  1. Phone charing unit – By the time you call your friends to meet up, take photos and use the front camera as a mirror you will out of charge by the first night. Portable chargers are key.
  2. Snacks  – Bring plently! Buying everying single meal at the event is expensive therefore come prepared with your own things that you can keep in your bag and eat through out the day. I recommend breakfast bars and savoury bits like pork pies.. yum!
  3. Shoes! You will be on your feet all day and if it is eventing you will probably be walking round the xc course so wear shoes that are comfy! Or bring plasters, your choice…
  4. Extra jumpers clothes. In scotland the nights are cold and the days could very possibly be quite wet. Spending the whole day walking around and perhaps having a few drinks at night is a difficult thing to do when you wake up at 3am because you are cold. I have been there, done that but I was a student then so I could manage minimal hours of sleep but rather than watching the xc the next day you end up slouched as low as possible trying to get a few mins of shut eye between horses. 
  5. Drinks! … no not just alcoholic but that does warm you up when you are sitting chatting outside your tent at night. Plenty of water is a must, being Scottish I hate buying bottled water when I can get it for free out of my own tap!
  6. Loo roll. If you go camping you bring your own loo roll. Never think that it is a given. Trust me. (Ok, while horsey events are better than festivals portaloos are the same everywhere)
  7. Lotions and potions the most important one being suncream – because I can burn in 15 minutes … its quite impressive really. And no, I dont tan I go bright red then back to milk bottle white. Fly spray Skin so soft – Maybe a UK thing but especially in the evenings when you want to relax with a few ciders the bugs can be so annoying. Dry shampoo you are there for 3 days if you want to avoid washing your hair in the showers, this is a great product.
  8. Blankets. You are not camping in the middle of no where so you can bring extras and if you dont use them fine but when you need them you will be happy, see point number 4. Also they can also be used as extra floor padding.
  9. Sensible Bag. Ok ladies I know you want to look good with your nice “countryside chic” handbag but is it worth it?  You will be luging that round all day so something that can go over your shoulder or a bagpack makes life a bit easier. Fair enough if you are there for the day but over several days it will get very annoying.
  10. Camping Chairs – For sitting at the water jump on the x country course, duh!

Do you guys have any tips for camping at events? ⛺️

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