Signs of Affection

Eva is not a particularly affectionate horse. She is not a horse that will stand for cuddles and attention. Then again Im not a human who is particularly cuddly either.

She likes her space.

Her bubble.

She demands respect of her space.

In the time that I have owned her there have been a few situations where people have not respected ‘the bubble’ like the vet who gave her a quick pat and put the stethoscope to her side…


Eva was not impressed with this one little bit and the vet – while standing at her shoulder – was quickly met with a back leg reaching up to forcefully remove the vet from her bubble.

How dare the vet think that a quick pat was a proper introduction !?

Of course I stood apologising but luckly the vet was quick enough to get out the way in time so was unharmed.

Safe to say she took things a little slower for the rest of the visit. And when she asked the students who came along with her to if they wanted a listen to Evas heart they both made sure to introduce themselves properly first before proceeding. I think in another life Eva would of been a hippogriff out of Happy Potter, to quote Hagrid from the third book, “Don’t never insult one, ’cause it might be the last thing yeh do”.

Anyway.. Over the years I have had her I have come to realise that while she has her diva moments like… you know Im not going to list them because that could take a while. I like to think she has her own way of showing she is fond of me. Well maybe not, but its what I tell myself.

Certain things like she has become more vocal around me for example when I bring food, of course, she speaks then but now even when I go to get the wheel barrow – not in the direction of food – she will nicker when I am out of sight and if I poke my head round the corner she will be staring my direction.

The other night after riding I had disappeared to put the tack way and as I reentered the stable block the other horse nickered at me.

Eva looked at him, looked at me, back at him and then back to me. “Who does he think he is?!” She then looked me up and down examining me for traces of food and stretched her neck out of the stable and nudged me then looked back at the other horse as if to say “See she likes me more”. If she could of stuck out her tongue like a small child she would of done. As soon as I stepped in her stable she was looking out the door ignoring the fact that I was even in the stable.

Also under saddle I feel like she has learnt to look after her rider at hell of a lot more. When I first bought her listening to the rider was not something she had been taught but we are getting there, she is certainly willing to negotiate these days.

Shes a diva. But shes my diva.

Now if she would just feckin’ catch ….

Does your horse love cuddles or do they like their space like Eva?

12 thoughts on “Signs of Affection

    1. There used to be a horse in the field that would come over just to stand next to you and have a cuddle so I would give her attention while Eva would be marching in the other direction!


  1. Ha ha. She sounds just like Delight! He definitely needs her personal space and was becoming stall territorial. We moved him to another, quieter stall and it made much more of a difference. He nudges me and will snuffle my hair and my daughter’s but he lets me know when he’s done and wants his alone time. He’s not super affectionate but when he does give affection it means the world.

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  2. Eva sounds like a great character. My horse Biasini is not big on cuddles unless it is after a hard workout and he thinks we both need it. He hates to have his space invaded and I have to tell friends and visitors to the barn not to stand in front of him or near him. His ears go back and he makes it clear that any closer and they will be in peril.

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  3. My mare is more like Eva but now that we’ve been working together for almost 5 years now she’s starting to actually appreciate more cuddles from me. Heaven forbid anyone other than me or Jane tries to pet her though because they will most definitely get the stink eye lol

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  4. My mare is a bit the same. She has a very large bubble and will take great offence to any other horse entering it and if you are a human it’s advisable to enter it only if you are carrying treats if some kind.
    But I too feel that she loves me I’m her own special way

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  5. Ha I love this post. I love how Eva has a big personality and you vocalise it so well, I can almost imagine her doing it LOL
    My Freddy is the most tactile horse in the world, if he doesn’t get a cuddle he pouts. That was weird for me because Billy is so aloof it was almost heart-breaking. He is an awesome horse to ride (now retired) but he has always liked his own space.
    I love how different they all are.
    Happy Riding & Keep Smiling

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