New Instructor Nerves

As I mentioned in my planning post I had a lesson scheduled with an instructor who regularly holds clinics at the yard and around the country. So once I knew my lesson time I asked the yard staff to bring in my mare at sometime after lunch. The idea being that her ladyship would be in the stable when I arrive…

Guess who recived a text while at work saying that her royal highness is not allowing anyone to get near her…
In my recent post To catch or not to catch that is the frustration I wrote about what she can be like catching. So when I got to the yard I marched straight to the field bucket in hand, praying that she will catch before I get mugged.

And someone at the sight of me didnt come running up to the bucket, but pranced round with her tail in the air. She knew mum was here and she was going to be caught but if she arsed about a bit she could delay the inevitable.

We did catch, in the end, and ran into the yard to get ready, I was just in time for my lesson so it worked out ok. Eva stood still while I ran around her in the stable like excuse me what are we doing?

Overall our lesson was really good. In the first 10 minutes I got called out for trying to get the best trot and canter she can do when she hasnt even warmed up.

Which… ok, yeah I was totally doing that.

New insturctor = I ride like a tit

This guy has just qualified for HOYs so what else am I going to do!

I think this is due to me having one instructor from when I first started riding until university and not many while owning Eva. Therefore when I book a lesson with someone new I promtly forget everything and flap a little in the first 10 mins until I remember that breathing is important !

I have heard good things about this guys lessons and he is a competitive showjumper, so obviously Im trying best best to act like I know my arse from my elbow but he saw straight through it.

He watched us warm up then set out troting poles which we did on both reins before moving on to cantering over the pole a each direction on a 20m ish circle so that he could have look at our approach. Then we jumped a jump with a placing pole and slowly over the lesson we built up and at the end we jumped a small course set at about 80cm.

In the lesson I learnt that I need to ask for a bigger canter but not drive towards the jump. I need to ask for canter then push it up a gear and keep it. Whereas what I am doing is allowing the canter to slow on the flat and then start pushing when we come round to the jump therefore not keeping a consistent rhythm.

Eva seemed to mostly be enjoying herself she loves jumping but we need to up our fitness to get the most out of a lesson like this. She did throw in a small tantrum when we went to do the course a second time, but at that point she had, had a fair workout and was wanting to finish.

I definitely plan on getting another lesson with this guy as I like an instructor who is to the point but constructive. This a fine line to be on as I have had instructors who thought they were being the above but were just being rude. (I’ll maybe write a post on my experiences later.)

At the end of the lesson he said that she looks capable but lacks experience which I think is a really positive comment to be walking away with!

After the lesson I took Eva up to the main yard and gave her a good hose down as it was a lovely warm evening and she very sweaty. She stood perfectly and enjoyed her bath, Im busy this weekend with the family so she will have the weekend off and hopefully will catch on Sunday…but we will see about that.

Homework : Put placing poles in front of our jumps so that Eva learns the striding for herself, I need to learn to keep the canter consistent while she learns how to sort her legs out.

14 thoughts on “New Instructor Nerves

  1. Awesome! It’s always a little frightening to ride for a new trainer, but it sounds like it was a good lesson! And I can feel you on the catching part, Baldur is usually a stubborn little donkey in the winter, but now in the summer he actually leaves his food to greet me. Really odd, but I guess that’s what you get! Love the way you use GIF’s to express your blog, brilliant!

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  2. I love the way you wrote this. i felt like i was there! Isn’t it amazing how they know they will be caught but they delay the inevitable. My Moo sometimes walks away and then trots around for a half circle or two around me and then trots straight up to me. I can hear him saying “na na ne na na !”
    I think the comment he gave you is awesome.
    Happy Riding & Keep Smiling
    mel x

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Eva is always delaying these days I almost am looking forward to winter when her all her field gets stabled over night therefore if she doesnt catch she will be left and she wont want that!
      Yes it is isnt it. Im really pleased with it 😁

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  3. Totally with you on the new instructor nerves! I panic and try and use all of my tricks at once which ultimately results in said new instructor thinking ” my god, what on earth is this idiot doing! and where the heck am I going to start!”
    Great points to work on at the end, sound like a jolly successful lesson in the end πŸ™‚

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  4. Placing poles and ground poles in general are one of my favorite tools to work with. Delight has trouble picking up his feet so it teaches him where to place his feet and how high. I’m always a little off in new situations or doing a new exercise. It takes me a while to get the hang out if and stop thinking so much.

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    1. They are a great tool! I forget to include them a lot of the time but they are now my main focus!
      Yes I think the more new situations the more you learn to relax … or thats what Im hoping for! I think Eva will of been like what the hell are you doing mum ?! πŸ™ˆ

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  5. It sounds like you two did a great job. I feel ya on the new trainer thing. I was always so nervous. But he sounds like a good trainer, matter of fact and helpful. Great job you two! Do your homework πŸ˜‰

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