The Equestrian Bank Account – Sizeable Shopping List

giphy (8).gifWith Blair Atholl horse Trials fast approaching I decided that I should make a “wish list” so that I am not tempted into buying whatever I think is pretty. This is all very well being said, however my shopping list isn’t small when has the wish list of an equestrian ever been small?! It is not massive but the things I need want to buy aren’t cheap…


New riding helmet (Suitable for dressage and showjumping – I have one for xc) Perhaps a gatehouse one – I was eye-ing one up when I went to HOYs last year.

Jodhpurs  – I have a pair in white set aside for competition but I would like a few nice pairs every day types.

Stirrups  – I would like I nice set of light weight stirrups.

Fly vail – I do have one but it’s too small for donkey ears. A neat black for competition or perhaps a navy and gold one.
Bridle – I have my schooling bridle which is ok for competition use but I would like one that I can keep nice and doesn’t look out of place with my blingy new brow band on. So that we can at least enter the arena looking the part even if the test goes disastrously wrong!

We can walk out like


Clippers  – I need to invest in a set, preferably reasonably quiet and/or cordless – Any suggestions are welcome !

Smart saddle pad for jumping. The one I do have is getting a bit scrappy looking.

Last but not least

A 3.5 ton lorry but give me a few years for that one to come around!

All of the above is very well being said however we will just have to wait and see what I eventually come home with!

19 thoughts on “The Equestrian Bank Account – Sizeable Shopping List

  1. Yes! Haha, I have a list of my own. Right now I’m eyeballing a wintec suede dressage saddle and a better bridle/three-piece snaffle. All still used but it’s a step up the ladder, ha!

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  2. Ah, this is smart! I am sadly a very impulsive buyer. I just bought a fly mask, a fleece rug, haynet, brushes, showsheen and etc. I donโ€™t really need it, but it is nice to have! The fly mask was a must though!

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