The Great Tail Tidy up

Do you have any tips for giving your horses tail a tidy up ?

Having neglected my mares tail for quite a while – like a reallly long while – I decided it was time for a tidy up as she would be sleeping for a while after the farrier.

I use a Solo Rake which I find is a very useful tool for thinning manes and tails as it has two sizes for thinning the hair. I tend to go through the mane with the wider teeth first then again with the thinner teeth.

After giving her tail a good brush out I started using the solo rake working away only at the sides of her tail, making sure not to pull it straight down the middle.

I have taken photos of before and after and it is definitely a lot neater but I am undecided if I should keep going and make the sides shorter. At the length it is right now I can still plait it and as she is quite a thickly built horse I think she would look weird if her tail was thinned too much. The top could do with being a bit neater but from what I started with I dont think I have dont a bad job.

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