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If I don’t plan for something and put a date in my diary I will not get it done – this is me and I know it. So when I want to get something done I need to either decide the date that I will do whatever it is or get something booked. When it comes to getting things sorted for my mare I tend to try book things on bank holidays but this doesnt always work.

Ensuring Eva is up-to-date with her MOT is quite easy for me as my vet does a care plan which is basically a monthly payment that covers annual vaccination, two full health checks per year, one Dental exam and a parasite control program. I find it incredibly useful and definitely feel like I am getting my moneys worth as I am getting free call outs when I get the above done! So far this year Eva has had her vaccinations and one full health check therefore I need to book her second health check and dental exam in August.

Im hoping to book the saddler for some point in August as it has been a while since I’ve had the saddle checked and Im not convinced it is fitting correctly. Figures crossed Eva doesn’t decide to show off like last time and start acting like a bucking bronco as soon as I sit in the saddle and for me to end up sitting in the middle of the school promising the saddler ” honestly that hasn’t happened before” while Eva is cantering off round the school. Yeah that happened… the lion king shame lion king pumba oh the shame GIF

Anyway moving on … Lesson wise I want to book a jumping lesson from a guy who comes out to do regular clinics at the yard but I do need to be careful with her feet being barefoot on the back now, while I want to give her time to get used it I don’t want fuss around making out like she’s not ready and therefore not doing anything, plus we have a really good surface in our school so I’m pretty sure she will be fine. Either way I do want to book a lesson with this guy as I have heard good things from quite a few different people.

For other lessons, I have one lesson booked at the end of the month from a coach who I have had about fives lessons from now and I really like his lessons, however he is not able to come out much therefore the lessons only end up being about once every 6 weeks, which is really not enough for us at the moment. Hopefully he will be able to come out some more in the future other wise I will have to look around for someone who can come out slightly more regularly even though I would prefer not to.

Dressage wise I would like to enter a few unaffiliated dressage competitions before the end of the year, ideally I would ride two tests in each. They havent got a dressage competition in August but they do have a few planned for later in the year which I will definately be making a note in my diary for.

In summary we have the vet, farrier, saddler, jumping lesson and flat work lesson this month so we are going to be reasonably busy… and Eva wont be pleased if you read my last post you will appreciate how she feels about things happening with her prior consent….

 disney horse tangled rapunzel wanted GIF

7 thoughts on “||August ’17 Plans || The Works

  1. I am a methodical to-do list type of person. I often think I just write lists about writing lists. but i think planning is key to success. I have the planning bit down pat. I like that you are so much of a planner, it means that your horse doesn’t miss wormings or vet checks etc. It shows your commitment to your horse. mel x

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