Mass Arrival

Eva is a mare that will very dramatically make her opinion known on anything that intrudes on her life.

Therefore when around 150 temporary stables were erected in what is normally a empty field and almost the same amount in lorries arriving in that same field, Eva had quite a lot to be upset about.

On Thursday evening when I arrived after work the yard was very busy as the BYRDs was due to start on the Friday, therefore alot of people were arriving from all over the UK to compete. After taking a standard 20mins to catch we wandered in to the stable. On route to our stable you can see down on to the outdoor school and beyond to the, normally empty but, now packed field. Evas attitude changed from lazily dragging her feet along to up on her toes snorting at the sight of all the lorries. “Excuse me! Why was I not informed?!”

I had already decided to go on a hack that evening so while I tacked up in the stable she was stood at her stable door with her ears up listening to all the noises coming from the schools and field. I jumped on and she bounced off out of our stable block, tail up snorting and, in general, making a fuss just to make sure I that had gotten the message.

The hack from the yard is basically two loops with one track connecting the two. One loop is at the bottom of a hill and goes around a large field and is directly connected to the yard. The other loop goes up a hill and round another field at the top. To get to the top you must go along one side of the bottom loop to get to the track that links the two.

People who are at the yard for the competition were exercising their horses on the bottom loop therefore on our way to the top we passed a few of them which gave Eva plenty of opportunity to make her feelings on them clear. Each time they passed Eva stood her ground and refused to move as they approached, she snorted as they passed and once passed she would trot off with her tail in the air – highly offended at their presence. I was very much a passenger for this hack and she would hear no different from me.

To further add to the absolutely outrageous change at the yard they had also placed show jumping jumps in the place of a few xc jumps and taken all the xc jumps away. This required some spinning and running backwards when we got to the first one. I quietly sat and we eventually managed to scurry past them with our bum tucked right under. She stompped off around the rest of the hack completely forgetting to look at the cows as we passed their field as she was determined to get back to the yard and have a good look at what on earth all these people were doing.

When we got back to the stable she barely ate her dinner as she was too busy listening out for all the strange noises.

Last but not least I shouldn’t forget to mention the feckin’ bagpipes that started up just as I was putting her out into the field and the look of absolute shock horror on her face as I left had me giggling all the way back to the yard.

Standing listening to the bagpipes

Im so happy being at this yard as so much goes on and Eva will have to learn to get on with it and basically grow up a bit. I feel it will also make things a little easier when I eventually get my own transport and start going out she will be fairly used to changed and busy places so it wont be too much of a big deal.

11 thoughts on “Mass Arrival

  1. You have to love a mare! It can be incredibly stressful when things change at home, horses are such creatures of habit. She seems quite dominant and curious, so I’m sure she will adjust quickly. But the bagpipes though! I was laughing at loud!

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