Lunging – The Helpful Boyfriend

While I struggle with tasks such as picking up and holding her feet, other things such as lunging I think I have her well trained. I say other things, who am I kidding, lunging is about the only thing I have her well trained on! Anyway … even my boyfriend who has only lunged her a few times including the other night is able to lunge her as she knows her job on the lunge and she is smart enough to interoperate the command even if it isn’t the clearest. As long as I am sitting at the side coaching him through it she gets the message and knows what is expected. I half wonder if she is also listening to me so that when I say “Ask her to trot on” she’s already waiting for him to ask.

1500752542794I think it is important to lunge regularly as it allows you to work the horse without the horse being under saddle. You are able to take a step back and watch your horses movement without interfering. Tools such as side reins when correctly used offer a consistent contact for the horse to work with rather than the sometimes inconsistent contact with humans.

I would like to try her in a pessoa lunge aid as I think it would help her connect her front to the back. However I know there is mixed reviews on them when they aren’t used correctly and the outline that it creates is incorrect.

How often do you lunge your horse ? (Or do you not lunge and is there a reason why ? )  




2 thoughts on “Lunging – The Helpful Boyfriend

  1. If I do lunge it is just with a snaffle bridle to allowhim to express some exuberance at a showground. I have not used a Pessoa but I have been told the adjustments can be tricky and must be correct. With pervious horses I have lunged with full tack and lungy bungy side reins( got them in england).

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