Stamp #2| Decision Made

20170716707053111I’ve made my decision, I have decided to try my mare barefoot on the back for now but hopefully fully bare foot in the future. As there was an issue with the farrier on Friday it was agreed that on the Wednesday he was going to come out and try again. This time I asked if he would take off the other back shoe and trim both backs up rather than put a shoe back on. Normally when a shoe comes off she acts like she about to loose a leg however this time it didn’t seem to bother her at all so I thought I would just go for it. My farrier asked last time if I was using iodine on her feet to harden them up, however I wasn’t, so the feet have hardened up naturally –  I think this is because of that fact that I recently moved yards and the fields aren’t so wet at the new place.

Wednesday morning I was up at the yard early to catch the madam and sedate her for the farrier, I gave her the sedation at around 8am and waited for the effects to start kicking in. I sat on the mounting block playing on my phone all the while I could feel her watching me but in order for the sedation to kick in effectively I need to leave her alone.

As usual for the first 20 to 30 minutes I start to worry that it’s not kicking in and perhaps she has swallowed some therefore it would not be as effective, I particularly felt like this was the case this time as she was not up for relaxing and also she decided the best way to keep an eye on me was to look over the stable wall rather than … you know over the stable door!? 

The farrier was just over half an hour later than he originally said so it had definitely kicked in by the time he arrived. It was lucky I took the full day off work instead of a half day!

It was very quick and she put up no fight as she was too busy snoring. The second shoe was off and both feet were trimmed within five minutes. All good!  I decided to make use of her being sleepy to give her mane a good tidy up.

So, that is her now with, both back feet barefoot lets see how she does!

As for my foot the bruising got worse as I expected, the pain wasn’t going down much my boyfriend insisted on taking me into the minor injuries clinic just to see if it was broken as it was still pretty swollen by Wednesday evening. So we drove in and I got it checked and ended up getting it x-rayed just to be sure. Good news it wasn’t broken but as my boyfriend said it would be better knowing that its not rather than if it was and it were to heal wrong, which I agree with, but at that moment in time I was convinced I could walk it off.

4 thoughts on “Stamp #2| Decision Made

  1. Glad I’m not alone on having to sedate for the farrier! Luckily he doesn’t need it anymore but for a good 18months we had to dope him up with domosedan sometimes 2 tubes which was a fight itself and would take half an hour!! It’s odd though as he now must think that when the farrier comes he has to fall asleep!! The things we do for these ridiculous beasts!! 😂

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      1. He got injured so was coming in twice a day to have his legs hosed and the wound cleaned and I think the constant faffing on around his legs meant that when the farrier came it wasn’t a big deal as he was used to it so we didn’t actually have to transition off in terms of reducing the amount. It was on stand by in case but he’s brilliant now compared to how he used to be which was dangerous! I do believe he’s a bit tapped in the head though!! 😂

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  2. Your boyfriend is correct. Always best to get an injury checked. If something was broken and you carried on it might heal wrong, have to be re-broken etc etc etc! Good luck withe the barefoot. It works for my guy.

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