On Monday night I was trying to pick up and hold Evas back feet for practice for the farrier coming on Wednesday…

Guess what! Eva had other ideas!

It was going alright but she kept trying to walk away even although I had her tied up quite tight right beside a haynet.  She was trying her best to get her foot back but I was managing to hold it. She then shifted her weight so it was all on the back and I dropped her foot which she snatched back and stamped down …. right on my foot! And then proceedd to shift most of her weight on to that leg…..

An accurate picture of what happened next

She got off it reasonably quickly but I had to take a few seconds to breathe through the pain as she does weigh about 700kg!

Her reaction was to stand in the corner and stare at me like –  “erm you ok ?” I then continued and she watches me like a hawk as I hobble round the stable.

But it looks ok.. right guys ???

Im sure I’ll walk it off on my way to work.

3 thoughts on “Stamp!

  1. Ouch!!! My favorite remedy is taking MSM (I use the same stuff my horses do — shovel a spoonful into my mouth and chase it with water.) The taste is bitter, but it helps with circulation and healing and reduces pain. As a farrier, I’m very familiar with pain !!! :)) Get well soon :)) Dawn

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