Three shoe fashion continues || Sedation for the farrier

So as I mentioned in an earlier post madam had decided to mis place a shoe and after having text the farrier it was decided that he would come out to get a shoe put on today. Ok good. He even said he would do it without dope. Even better ! I have been wanting to try out having no sedation for a while.

As the running theme goes with my mare – Eva had other ideas.

She wasn’t playing the game.

One shoe

giphy (4).gif

One. Bloody. Shoe

giphy (3).gif


She is now out in the field quite happy with her three shoes.

This is why I sedate her for the farrier. Other than for me she has an issue with people picking up her feet.

I am lucky enough to be in a position were I can afford to buy the sedation while I really don’t want to anymore as it eats into the money that I can spend on competition entries. This is why I am now considering barefoot or possibly only having fronts on but I want to do my research first before making that decision. At the end of the day I could give it a try and if it is not working I can revert back. 

Whats your experience with having horses compete while either barefoot or with just fronts on ?

2 thoughts on “Three shoe fashion continues || Sedation for the farrier

  1. My horse Biasini has fronts on only and is barefoot behind. He is now 12. I got him 3 years ago and his owner said she had never put back shoes on. We do not go hacking on rocky terrain but we do walk on gravel paths and we compete at Prix St. George in dressage. He is thin soled so I use Keratex 2x a week. So far no problems .

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