July Lessonย 

Pretty much ready for public consumption 

The verdict from our lesson. ๐Ÿ˜

Our flat work lesson was… a sweaty one. The aim of the lesson today was getting her off my right leg as we were falling out to the right alot, if we were on the left rein we would fall out and on the right rein we will fall in. So to get her off my right leg we were doing a lot of leg yielding to the left. Both away from the track and towards the track. 
As the 20×60 dressage arena was set up we then discussed were the 20m circles would lie. With me coming to the sudden realisation that I had ridden them wrong in the dressage test I did in May. Oops!  They must of been close enough as I didnt have  any comments on them. However this was the day Eva decided to try out a hidden ambition to live the life of a griaffe so the judge had a lot of other comments to make. ๐Ÿ™ˆ anyhoo….

The second half of the lesson we moved on to getting a reaction. By this point I had gotten in to nagging and she was very much behind the leg. So we did a lot of one squeeze for trot and if she doesnt react follow up immediately with the stick. 

She was not pleased about this! So she through a few bucks in for good measure. Nevertheless she did get the message and she was soon moving off the leg and we were getting some lovely forward working trot. 

Homework :  Get her responding to my right leg. Leg yielding way from the track, to the track, and on circles focusing on the bending with out falling in/out

Im not sure when the next lesson will be but Im hoping its very soon as we really need regular coaching.

As we finished off the lesson he turned to us and said “You know, I think you are pretty much ready for public consumption”, meaning that we are looking together enough that we could go out and probably ride quite a nice dressage test. Yay! 

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