Dressage Scoring – Volunteering 

I recently read a post by another blogger about voluntary work at a BE event where they were fence judging – read it here – which got me thinking that this month, while I can’t enter anything, I should think about doing something similar. As fate would have it a few days later someome posted about needing writers and scorers for a dressage event at my yard. 

They were looking for writers for the higher levels and unfortunately I havent done any writting for judges before – although it is definately something I would like to learn – so I got in touch with them and said I could help out with the scoring

I arrived at ten to nine ready to start. The lady there took me through the process and asked if would want to use the laptop or the calculator, I said either so she explained about the spread sheet and not to touch the formulas as no one knew how to fix them if they were deleted . I didnt have the heart to say I work with spreadsheets for a living and would be able to fix it in seconds. 

We had quite a good working line going, the first person would add up the paper in pencil then a secound person would add up he marks again to ensure no mistakes then put the score down in pen. A third person would then upload the results online and, once the class was complete, put the test papers out with rosettes. When it was quiet we would go up to the judges boxes and wait until there wasnt a test being ridden and collect to test papers to be marked.

The sheets from the intro and prelim classes started coming in and we got to work. It was quite good to see what some of the common comments were, such as one that I noticed quite a few people missing their markers i.e turning too late or too early. It was also good to see where marks tend to be lost or gained in a test.

There is a big competition coming up at the end of the month which they will need plenty of volunteers for and I said I would happily help out with but I would really like to learn to be a writer as then I could see what the judge is seeing and perhaps understand the comments more. So perhaps not the in the big competition coming up but in a later one I will ask if I would be allowed to sit in.

One down side is people are impatient when waiting for scores. We had a couple of people asking if we had finished scoring when the class hadnt even finished!

If you have the opportunity to help out I would definitely encourage you to do so. Firstly you gain a different insite to how these events work, secondly to find out what riders tend to find difficult so that when it comes round to your turn you can take care. Finally its free and I got a free bacon roll and cup of coffee out of it! 

My mare and I in our first competition

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