Bad Habits 😳

Last night was one of those not so pretty rides…

With a pretty busy life at the moment my mare has been getting a reasonably light exercise for the past few weeks and last night I really felt it for both of us.

The start was pretty good she was off the leg and holding herself quite nicely I felt like I was quietly riding and were softly working away. As usual bending to the right proved to be our hardest side to bend. So I did a lot of half circles to change reins and 10m circles to get us loosening off.

About 10 minutes in I could feel both of us beginning to lag. Its like we used up all our energy.

I thought I would wake us up by transitions. A few halt-trot transitions – we were ok at those – I could feel her pushing off from behind which was good. 

I then moved up to trot-canter transitions these were a bit meh. The canter in general was like she was just running away as we cantered we got faster and faster and when I tried to collect us we would fall back into trot. We got glimpses of contact which we were begining to nail previously but that took a hell of a lot of effort on my part just to keep a consistent canter.

Then I started to nag. This, oh so, very annoyong habbit of mine. I catch myself doing it! Of course the first step of fixing a bad habit is to know what the habbit is. And in my case when Eva or myself begins to tire, at all, I start nagging. 😑 

I obviously cant blame my mare for then switching off and do not allow myself to get frustrated as it is myself that I am annoyed at.

While I was carrying a dressage stick I wasnt using it effectively. Of course hind sight vision is 20/20 so that I realise it now but by the end of last nights ride I was feeling like a bit of a tit. 

At the end I let her stretch out and cool down and gave her an apologetic pat when I got off. The things she puts up with from me while she doesnt show it through cuddles she certainly shows that she likes me by not dumping my ass on the ground.

This is my main focus of my riding at the moment, I was once a fairly quiet rider but I am not anymore so it is now my main goal to get back to that quietness that I had before. The only way I am going to get back to that is to get myself booked into lessons! I cant wait for August even if today is only the first day of July! 

4 thoughts on “Bad Habits 😳

  1. We all need lessons to keep us up to snuff. My coach has recently focused on my warm up and has nailed me for not asking for , and getting, immediate responses from my horse. Snip snap! Quick! I empathize with your description of your ride!

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